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  Apr 2016 R
this heartbreak isn't textbook. it isn't like those movies, or those books, or anyone's anything. bracing yourself for impact is an impossibility. nothing - and listen to me when I say nothing - can prepare you for this pain. you begin to miss everything. everything you thought you'd never miss: his obnoxious little brother and his father playing guitar too loud and the way his mother said the word "vegetables" and never having enough room to sleep. now I don't think I could get close enough to you if I tired. the closest I am getting to you these days is when your sign is next to my sign in a horoscope. and I know you don't believe in those but this is the only hope I have left. the barnum statements of romance hold no weight until I am told that we are perfect for each other. do you believe in alternate universes? maybe in another world we are happy together, eating popsicles and sharing sticky kisses. the truth is this poem is wearing on me. I'm tired of discussing the possibility of there being another you and another me together happy on a somewhere else far away. I am tired of writing the I miss you poem. I am tired.

note: I will continue to write the I miss you poem until my fingers break.
  Apr 2016 R
The reason we hide our wounds and scars is not because we are ashamed of them, but because we don't want to share the pain with the people who love us.
Because they will be hurting even after we heal.
  Apr 2016 R
You told me I am your everything but that is not a load I want to carry.

2. You ask me to be patient but I have given you so many chances I have none left for myself.

3. You only started treating me decently after you had lost me.

4. My fear of hurting you was what kept me from being able to put myself first.

5. Does chosing my own happiness really make me a bad person?

6. Does it really benefit you to blame me for your friends ditching on you because you became the person you are today?

7. Should I believe your countless mentions of how everything is going wrong and how it is all my fault? Shouldn't you be the one responsible for your own life?

8. I thought moving on would be hard but moving on from someone you don't recognize anymore is surprisingly easy.

9. Is a promise still valid when it was made to a completely different person?

10. Thank you.
I feel like poetry is always written from the heartbreak point-of-view. Try being on the other side. Knowing that chosing for your own happiness could destroy a person.
(it feels so good to write again)
R Apr 2016
and we're broken and tattered and more alike than we'll ever know; but strong is synonymous with our names and the breathe that you've put into my lungs has made me anew.
You've restored my faith in not only God and humanity, but also in myself.
  Apr 2016 R
Sidney Chase
You craved my curves
while I craved your mind
that's why you were too busy ******* me to notice
that I was trying to undress your mind
R Apr 2016
let's go slow; so slow that we'll be falling in and out of each other's orbits forever, spinning and wishing that these circular orbits would never
oh how easy it is to
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