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Sidney Chase Jun 2017
I had a honeybee heart
dripping sweet
I let you have a taste
you devoured me whole
Sidney Chase Nov 2016
You're searching for him in every empty coffin
The flowers wilted years ago
but you can't bring yourself to throw away that last bit of him
the scent faded as fast as he slammed the door in your face
yet you still smell the roses he use to pick for you at the park behind your house
you can't bring yourself back to the person you were 6 months ago no matter how hard you try and every starry night you can't bring yourself to look outside because he's everywhere
Sidney Chase Aug 2016
words hurt like teeth clenched around an open wound
unbearable agony
scarred forever like the cigarette burn you made yourself
on accident
small price to pay for a forever stay
Sidney Chase Aug 2016
Where did you put it all?
the love.
did it evaporate into thin air
to be breathed in by another?
did it slip through your fingers and you didn't bother to pick it up?
Sidney Chase Aug 2016
red light stops in the dim lit night
you notice only after its too late just like everything else
death teases u with a wink while blowing a kiss goodbye
Sidney Chase Jul 2016
it took 4 full moons
2 bottles of something stronger than you ever were
and a salty waterfall from my eyes that **** near drowned me
to finally realize
you were not
and never planned to be
someone who loved me
Sidney Chase May 2016
I'd break my neck just to watch yours fall back with laughter
I'd miss every sunset just to see the glow in your eyes every evening
I'd rip my own heart out and
give it to you even if it mean't that I would never get it back
I'd give you everything I have just to watch you throw it back in my face
and I will love you even if you never love me
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