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Ramir Nov 2017
And here I am again writing..
Poems out of the blue..
Where I let my mind out thinking..
What is it like being with you?

I felt like we're distant..
You're outgoing and im not.
You shine the brightest.
And I am darkness..
Still you cast my shadow with your light.

I don't have much to offer.
All I have is sincerity.
That once I've learn to love you.
I'll love you for what you ought to be

These word I can only utter.
My daydreaming is through.
I'm now back to reality.
Thinking what it's like.
Loving you.
Sudden thoughts of starting new..
Ramir Nov 2017
A warm breeze,
Passes through..
excites the living soul..

Awaken the flame,
Left you in the cold
shattered, mourning..

Darkness engulfed..
Memento of memories.
As the fire slowly fades.
i left you drowning in misery
Ramir May 2017
I use to love writing..
Stories about us two.
How bittersweet beginnings..
Happy endings were true..
I wrote about your smile in summer, that feeling..
That kept coming back..
Glimmered like sunshine..
Your firm grip, hands tight when you held mine.

Graceful as the flower dance.
As if were in a mellow trance.
In the peaceful meadows like the wind..
That feeling, it keeps coming back again......
Your arms gently rubbed my skin...
I was so high
As you hold me near...
My heart skipped a beat..
Yes everything!,was clear.
No wonder, i keep on falling..
I fell and fell for you..
And still
I use to love our stories...
I believe those were true..
My heart started to falter...
I lost myself in the middle...
But then... There was You
Its been awhile..
Ramir Sep 2015
I miss those big eyes that stares whenever im not looking.
I miss those stolen kisses you took when you're there beside me
I miss your hands that kept me warm in the cold.
And those fearless words of love you told.
A part of me is incomplete without you
But the moment You break the silence..
Fills the missing void within..
You may be far, but i feel your presence
It lingers within me.
For our love knows no boundaries, our hearts bonded..unseen...
I would always love you my dear.
I will love you proud and fearless.
For distance is never a hindrance.
For souls who has accepted each other to be destined.
I miss you
Ramir Jul 2015
You're my king in the castle,
With a heart that is blazing yet fragile,
You're the crown and I'm your jewel,
Has softness that kills my fire.

Another year adds to your life,
My wishes are beyond the showering comets,
You're my lovely dream knight,
And I will love you without any regret.

Sweet you are like a candlelight,
I admit that this love is new,
Whisper your wish at this sweet midnight,
I only want what is best for you.
credits to the person I love the most
  Jul 2015 Ramir

Evening glow
precious wing
Gently floats
hear her sing
Twilight breaks
soft of hue
Constant dreams
of only you
Take my hand
close your eyes
Feel the breeze
moonlit skies
Sweet the scent
all night long
Listen to her
fairy song
on the wind
As we kiss
once again
Magic forms
in the trees
Here tonight
*you and me
Good night Beautiful
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