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 Oct 2017 Phoebe
He was just a boy before I loved him.
He was the pastel sky on a twilight,
A scene to catch after the hustle and bustle.
He was the glitter in the gloom, the hope in the doom.

I was just a girl before I loved him.
I was the autumn leaf  slowly falling,
The dullness on a November breeze.
I was dressed in grief, a disaster yet to happen.

His warmth came to me comfortingly like embers on a chilly night.
Until I was wrapped in his arms.
His sweet words caressed my skin,
Tingled every inch.

We were just what we were before it happened.
He told me I’m the mountain.
When the sun’s about to rise and the moment it’s about to set,
My features are accented.

Now, we are not what we were before because we are more.
I have come to realize he is the sun,
The light that made me see who I really am.
I’d love to be the mountain where the sun goes behind.
[repost with full credits]
 Oct 2017 Phoebe
let me remember
to forget you just
for a little while

like how one forgets
the sun, the moon, all the stars
and the pain tonight
i'll forget you just for a couple of hours of my existence,
don't worry.
i can never really forget in the remaining hours.

 Sep 2017 Phoebe
KA Poetry
A Legacy.
 Sep 2017 Phoebe
KA Poetry
It feels like a thousand years had passed with my soul ripped
And my heart torn into pieces.
A thousand memories that we had
A thousand places that we've visited
A thousand dreams that we've dreamed of

Is it me or the world that's going crazy ?
I can't forget all of that ;  yet you moved on and forget about us
All of the kisses, hugs, laughs
All of that happiness

You threw that away easily

You've left me a bad Legacy.
You've abandoned me in this cruel world that we tried to ran from it
Is it me or you that deserves this madness ?
Is it me or you that deserves to be left with?

A legacy that i will never forget
A legacy that i will never accept
A legacy that never leaves my thoughts
A legacy that never leaves my heart.
25/09/2017 | 11.56 | Indonesia

— The End —