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Daphne Oct 12
i wish we could drive away, get out of this town. i wish we could pack our things and let go.

we’ll listen to music we like on the drive and drink ****** fast food coffee.

when we get where we’re going, i’ll give you a smile.

we’ll go to museums and look at art, hoping it’ll give our lives structure.

we’ll wish that we never have to leave.

it’ll hurt to leave;
we’ll bear it together.
inspired by ‘i love you so’ by the walters
Daphne Dec 2018
i wish i could go
to the place where the sun shines
where i could smile &
all the cracks in my heart could merge

i wish i could go
to the place where flowers bloom
where i could laugh &
the weight i put on your shoulders is carried far away

i wish i could go
to the place where the sky is blue
where i could close my eyes &
you apologize for barbed words stuck in my throat like thorns

i wish i could go
to the place where it never rains
where i could wake up &
my dreams are true
'what's the use in wondering why?' - nashville
Daphne Sep 2018
you are the night's first sip of whiskey
hot as it burns down my throat,
but i take another swig.

you are the cigarette i’ve got between my lips
cool and calm even as it slowly kills me,
but i take one more drag.

you are the smoke i puff into my lungs
clouding my mind,
but i breathe in deep.

i whisper in your ear,
'you're not good for me'
i feel you smile against my neck,
'princess, when has that ever stopped you?'

with you
i learned change is quiet
even when you were screaming clawing begging for more
it was too soft to notice

you are the missing limb i feel
twitch, twitch, twitch,
by the time i look--nothing.
you were always too much of a phantom.
My first time publishing a poem

— The End —