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  Apr 2019 Princess Balagtas
"I love you!", he said.
"Really? You love me?!"
I said, surprised.
He said while laughing out loud.
"I knew it!", I said laughing,
while my insides are dying.
It will never happened, I whispered.
  Apr 2019 Princess Balagtas
Dear friend ,
You're fading away,
Bit by bit.
I see you lose pieces of yourself,
I see you shift boundaries,
And bend rules,
All I seem to be doing is holding you back.
You lose your temper at me.
Tell me you don't need me anymore.
And that's okay.
All good things come to an end.
Change is beautiful
Even if it means I'll lose you.
So I'll let go.
Wish you the best.
And whisper goodbye.
Ever had a friend grow slowly distant?
Ever stop and wonder what you did wrong?
Or what you didn't do?
  Apr 2019 Princess Balagtas
I have story,
There were three friends,
two of them were lovers.

I love you,
and you also love me.
Our friend was happy for us
but things had changed.
You left me,
and you two started to begin your story.
You love her as you love me
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