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Cryptic Jan 13
You promise
you'll never leave

You promise
you'll wait

You promise
you'll stay
and marry me

I thought those
was for me

Now, I saw you
grant it to someone
Promises indeed mean to be broken
Cryptic Jan 4
Your action shows
that you still care
about me
but your eyes says
that you don't.

Your mouth says that
you still love me
but your action shows
you don't.
  Jan 2 Cryptic
For as long as I write,
I can hear the sadness
of unfinished sentences,
unexplained feelings deeply...
  Jan 2 Cryptic
Grace Summers
If life is a journey, is death the destination?
  Jan 2 Cryptic
A world where pain isn’t an often occurrence.
Where loneliness is something humanity hasn’t heard of,
A world where Depression is a delusion.
Where self harm/suicide is ones worst nightmare instead of ones solution.
  Dec 2018 Cryptic
I know I can sulk,
as much as
I want to
as much as
I can.

So I do.

Nothing changes

It's the same pretty mistake I do,
Intentionally, foolishly.
I might wait a different outcome,
I might not think at all.
Over and over.

So I do.

Nothing changes

I know I can scream,
as helpless as
I want to
as helpless as
I can

as helpless as I am

So I don't.

Nothing changes.

It's always the same outcome
that life serves me with a grin.
Cryptic Dec 2018
I have story,
There were three friends,
two of them were lovers.

I love you,
and you also love me.
Our friend was happy for us
but things had changed.
You left me,
and you two started to begin your story.
You love her as you love me
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