Cryptic 11h
Everytime I see you
with your new
My heart aches because of you
and now I no longer have a value
Cryptic 1d
I still love you despite of my smiles and tears.
If love could die
Then it never was love
In the first place; but a lie
From my Twitter handle @shortverse
Cryptic 7d
Sana'y sa aking pagpikit
ay makalimutan lahat ng sakit
Ngunit kahit anong pilit
Di ko maiwaglit
Ang lahat ng pait
Di alam kung bakit
#filipino #whys #unforget
  Nov 10 Cryptic
Shay Graham
Why am I always like this
Why am I always doubting
Why am I not allowing myself to be happy
Why do I self-destruct
Why do I want to end
Why do I tell myself I'm not worth it
Why can't I stop crying
Why can't I stop thinking
Why can't I let it go
Why am I thinking of death
Why do I want to end it
Why can't I stop myself from think
This is all it is
Cryptic Nov 9
They were once my family
Now, they're nothing to me

Before, I was part of them
Now, they're no longer my gems

I was happy when I see them everyday
Now, it feels like I'm carried away

They were once my happy pill
Now, there's nothing I can feel
Cryptic Nov 8
I'd seen your
miserable eyes
insincere grins
chaotic mind and
shattered heart;
You've changed.
I told you
as I cry,
staring myself
in the mirror..
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