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Jan 2019 · 183
Sail Away With Me
Carys Angharad Jan 2019
All my poems became about you,
even the ones that weren’t supposed to.
It felt strange as you hijacked my every
waking thought, although soon,
strange turned into wonderful.
We held each other, our glances
highlighted our love and affection.
We kept moving, together, as always.
Our years have been filled with
love, laughter and desire.
So now I’ll ask you,
to take me to a land,
so far away from this one.
To sail away with me,
and to take to me that land,
to look after me.
To explore with me and sail
through stormy seas,
to take refuge in the rainbows
and to carve a life with me.
Jan 2019 · 163
Carys Angharad Jan 2019
His eyes were as blue as the sea,
they sparkled as he played with his young granddaughter.
He beamed as he watched her grow up,
he would never be able to express his adoration for her,
and she would never be able to do this for him.

Her heart sunk as she watched him grow old.
When she was younger she’d always joke that
he’d live until he was a hundred years old,
that age was creeping ever closer.
They saw each other daily and chatted as if
they had all the time in the world.

She couldn’t imagine a life without him…
She had always thought he was invincible,
but over the years his face had become hollow,
and he began to become short of breath.

She vowed to make the most of the time they had left,
she promised she wouldn’t view him differently,
the only difference now was that it was her job
to look after him, rather than the other way around.
Jan 2019 · 125
Carys Angharad Jan 2019
I saw her deteriorate.
I looked on as she pulled and
picked at her skin.
This condition had stolen her soul.
It had trapped her.

She no longer watched sunsets,
instead, she walked in thunderstorms.
She continued to pick and to pull,
because she was trapped,
and ******* lost.

Nobody could get through to her,
As her soul had been stolen.
She was lifeless and
was now just a shell…
a shell of her former self.

Her shell began to crumble,
as she decayed even further.
She hid for days on end,
refusing to communicate
with other people.

She pulled, and she picked,
Feeling more lost by the second.
She yearned to disappear,
to simply leave with no
word of warning.

She was ensnarled by her thoughts,
and she knew there was
no way out.

— The End —