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 Jan 2019 Carys Angharad
I will use your tears
to water my mind,
and grow you a poem
Anytime that you cry
The Sun, of fire and beauty
Destruction and Life.
Something so magnificent,
You can't even look at it.

My love, of fire and passion
Life, until death.
Something so magnificent,
You can't look away.

Maybe we don't look at the sun,
Because we are afraid that we
Might not be able to let go
Of the beauty, that will end up
Destroying us.

Some things are so beautiful you can't look away, but the longer you look, the more damage sustained.
Some love is so enthralling that you become blinded to the damage you allow yourself to go through.
 Jan 2019 Carys Angharad
You're the best wonderful mess

Your perfection lies within imperfection

I can confess that you never fail to impress

Your intentions always catch my attention

Although I know you cry before you sleep

Because even the strong can cry and weep

You're a mess I would love to keep

Like the ocean, beautiful, vast but deep

You're a true work of art

An abstract impression

You have a beautiful heart

A beautiful soul worthy of everyone's attention

You have a beauty inside that only you possess

Yes, you're a beautiful mess

— The End —