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Apr 2014
Lay my body rich with coins
As my dawn turns to dusk I will depart
Bless my soul to be reborn
And pray I keep my heart

Charon waits upon his boat
To carry me to the Otherside
I'll travel The River Styx
And marry time, as I am Waiting's bride

Bearded Ferryman of the dead
Refuse me not as I pay your debt
Tell Hades to lift the gates
For fate and I have met

Guide this monstrous beast
Along the waters spine
As we set off towards Afterlife
Where waits the Underworlds divine
Just a short poem about Charon (Kharon) a ferryman of the underworld in Greek mythology who served under Hades. Greek people would bury their dead with one obol, or coin, so they may pay his fee and be able to cross the river. Without the coin the souls could not pass. Some would make it without the coin and others would not.
Katlyn Orthman
Written by
Katlyn Orthman  19/F/Minnesota
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