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Apr 2014
To often we fail to tune ourselves in.
   We get caught in rut after rut,
      Morphing into puppets... just going with the motions.
Too fixated on all we could lose to recognize each win.
   So weary of love we keep our hearts bolted shut.
      We are so afraid of change we cringe at the notion.

Sometimes you need to runaway from reality,
   Take a leap off of comforts shoulder…
      And dive into your intuition.
Free yourself from that corrupt mentality,
   And smile to keep the world from growing any colder.
      Your soul will sing a melody of bittersweet honesty…just listen.

That is where true beauty lay…
   In each untouched corner of your heart,
      Beneath each unspoken word of your inner voice.
It is never to late when you are blessed with another day.
   To live simply, take a breath and let the past part…
      And confidently make happiness your choice.
January 29, 2014
amanda castagneto
Written by
amanda castagneto  26/F/Charleston
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