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BLT 13h
Eager and waiting, for the time is near,
the opponent moving towards my hardened spear.
Not able to move, hands having been bound,
a gag in my mouth so I won't make a sound.
Battlefield familiar, but altered this time-
a scene for a different type of crime.
Her wanting for my eyes to be open wide
so to see the lashings as they are applied.
Long wet strokes, driving me mad,
missile ***** as she climbs the launch pad.
Hovering above, she smiles taking me in-
her wet dripping down all over my skin.
She-hunger, ravenous, like a starved animal-
the desire, an inferno, internal, vaginal.
Struggling to free my hands so to touch her back
as she arches herself like a contortionist's act.
Taking my trapped juxtaposition,
now even more focused on her lustful mission.
The heavens explode, stars streaking across the sky
as she tightens her grip, clenching her thighs.
Tremors...rippling...down her spine-
her hair on my face, smelling divine.
Crumbling down upon my sword,
she looses my binds, removes the cord.
Takes the gag from my mouth, kissing hard-
allowing me to embrace her, dropping her guard.
I'm her willful slave caged by wanton barbed wire-
her molded clay, her St. Elmo's fire.

BLT 19h
Floating on the wind,
tiny specks drifting through time,
living out our lives.

BLT 19h
The night shade blinds me
from the troubles of the day
but still I don't sleep.

BLT 19h
The desperate need
to write far outweighs the sum
of the fruit it bears.

BLT Jul 11
That which flows from my mouth does not resonate.
The tone misconstrued, not well received.
Intent missing it's mark, not flying straight-
discontented, angry person, believed.
When I write, I feel as if I am singing
some operatic masterpiece.
Until later, when I read what I was winging-
perhaps, silence is how I find peace.
My pen will be resting for a stretch.
From  my mouth, words will no longer pour.
Let them think I am a miserable wretch,
I really don't care anymore.

BLT Jul 11
I see the old you
in everything around
but you have gone blind.

BLT Jul 11
The one you once were
in my sweetest memories,
no longer is here.

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