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Nov 2017
The looters
The shooters
In the name of religion
In the name of a god
Why killing of innocents?
Why keeping of hostages?
Why such an ill feel of hatred?
Not just the recent Paris news
But this terrorist epidemic
Has widespread this earth
It seems there is more provokative acts
Then finding a cure to such martyrs
Scientists have found cures of many diseases
Yet when will this terrorist disease get cured
Assurances of innocent lives
Men, women, children all victims
Of such horrific crimes
Most slashed with knives
How does a prayer help?
Which god listens and acts?
Who has poisoned these peoples mind?
Now every breaking news hails on terrorism
Is there ever going to be peace?
Will there be smiles on sad faces again?
As I sit back to watch and read the news around
Am a bit glad am not in such surround
I do wish for the killings to stop
I do wish that people don't take a religion to act
As no god would appreciate innocent blood at their feet
Hundreds of lives lost
Blood, just blood and screams everywhere
I have seen in Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Paris to name a few!
It was just settling on the missing plane news
And here racks on another news
Uncountable sleepercells
Controlled by several tycoon bodies
This life is not permanent
We all know that
Then, why **** to radiate the human race?
Why poison innocent mind to act like war machines?
What achievement do they get?
Do they not feel the pain?
What are they blinded upon?
Have they taken out double meaning from religious faith?
I am no one to point a finger on any religion
But it surely sounds wrong when innocent killing is involved
Has some mad scientists developed an invisible airborne drug
Turning men against men
Religion against religion
No remorse after killing
But become terrorist with hatred feeling...

I wrote this 2yrs back, thought to post It.
Written by
Seema  38/F/Fiji Islands
(38/F/Fiji Islands)   
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