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Magical Me Jul 2018
Past, it is all gone
Yet it still haunts
Every night and dawn
All the unfulfilled wants

Bringing them to life
surrounded with guilt and regret
It hits inside like a knife
Making sure you never forget

Makes you wonder doesn't it?
How different it would have been?
If those mistakes , you didn't commit
A star , a winner you shall have been

coming back to reality
perfection does not exist
so save all the morality
those mistakes do have along list

what is done is done
what is gone is gone
just keep on the run
enjoy life's pleasures and fun
Magical Me Jun 2018
pen in my hand
words in my mind
lost still I am and
no rhymes can I find

something watery in the eyes
blurring all the view
trickles down the eyes
like a drop of dew

feels warm on cold cheeks
heart beating very fast
didn't get what heart seeks
future , present or past

regret is everywhere
knowing it will not change
It is too hard to bear
life is unfair and strange

feelings too much mixed
tired, angry and sad
maybe the fate is fixed
everything seems gloomy and sad

fearing what would happen next
tired of all this fuss
can madness  be explained in text?
what has happened to us?

who is friend or foe ?
I really don't know
Magical Me Jun 2018
When days are becoming colder
when nights are getting longer
when enemies are becoming bolder
when to lean on there's no shoulder
I still continue with all my might

when every breath is of despair
when life is not at all fair
when no one **** cares
When it is all too much to bear
I still have an urge to fight

when darkness is battering
when sorrows are centering
when evil is mentoring
when dreams are shattering
I still want to make things right

for I see the side that is bright
for I never lose  my sight
everything will be allright
for I still see light

— The End —