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Hannah rose Jul 2018
We laughed
We touched
We kissed

I loved
You left  

I hurt
You thrived

We broke apart…

I broke apart
under the pressure of my own expectations
Hannah rose Jul 2018
Time was what worries us
Until it got to 3am
Then time became a social construct
Hannah rose Jul 2018
Its 4 a.m i'm Self medicating through text messages
That we are sending each other
Unable to process the fact that
“I love you” , “I miss you”
is often used by men who are just bore
Hannah rose Jul 2018
You told me we  "accept the love we think we deserve",
and I think of you and all the ways you broke my body, my curves

I was your coloring book , your fists  were the pencils colouring me in,
blue, purple, red, completely branding my skin.

I'd apologise for making you mad,
convincing myself that I was the one who was bad...

but really you were the shooter hunting  me down,
The one holding my head underwater hoping I'd drown.

You told me we "accept the love we think we deserve"
As I sat there reflecting on our "love" with reserve,

What we had wasn't love, it was manipulation
Caused by your irrational fixation
Hannah rose May 2018
To the little girl in the princess sheets
You hear tales of the bad guys
Always being  monsters with long nails and sharp teeth
hidden in your dark closet or at the end of your bed
Lurking around in the shadows waiting to grab you

They're never kings with endless gold
Or knights with shining armour
Never blonde haired and blue eyed with a contagious smile

So when the smiling man with the blonde hair and blue eyes
Asked you to step into his palace
Not once did you think to question the intentions
Of his soft and familiar fingertips.

So when you found yourself locked beneath his claws
Telling you, you want it
You will  try to convince yourself that you asked him to
That the sliver of skin must have been an invitation

Don't believe that
Because you are a ******* princess
And all the other boys and girls with cut out tongues
Will help you tell your story...

They will help Tell the guards and the monsters that
No matter how many times they ask you to be quiet
You will scream and shout until every prince and princess
Feels safe against intruders who come inside their homes

It is time to come out from under your princess sheets
Because you are stronger than  you could ever imagine  
YOUR WORDS can rescue trauma embedded in the minds of others
YOUR WORDS can crumble kingdoms
YOUR WORDS can save others.
Hannah rose Apr 2018
I stopped believing in love when you told me one of the highlights of my broken and fragile life was “a mistake”
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