To the little girl in the princess sheets
You hear tales of the bad guys
Always being  monsters with long nails and sharp teeth
hidden in your dark closet or at the end of your bed
Lurking around in the shadows waiting to grab you

They're never kings with endless gold
Or knights with shining armour
Never blonde haired and blue eyed with a contagious smile

So when the smiling man with the blonde hair and blue eyes
Asked you to step into his palace
Not once did you think to question the intentions
Of his soft and familiar fingertips.

So when you found yourself locked beneath his claws
Telling you, you want it
You will  try to convince yourself that you asked him to
That the sliver of skin must have been an invitation

Don't believe that
Because you are a fucking princess
And all the other boys and girls with cut out tongues
Will help you tell your story...

They will help Tell the guards and the monsters that
No matter how many times they ask you to be quiet
You will scream and shout until every prince and princess
Feels safe against intruders who come inside their homes

It is time to come out from under your princess sheets
Because you are stronger than  you could ever imagine  
YOUR WORDS can rescue trauma embedded in the minds of others
YOUR WORDS can crumble kingdoms
YOUR WORDS can save others.
Hannah rose Apr 26
I stopped believing in love when you told me one of the highlights of my broken and fragile life was “a mistake”
Hannah rose Mar 22
He says “her” like it means “amen” I say “us” pretending I could be them
Hannah rose Mar 22
He had no flesh left
his bones protrude through the skin he hid behind
As he approached my window at 1:02
I wonder what to do
What to say
How to make him feel content
even when everyone is telling him he's not good enough

What is good enough?
Hannah rose Mar 22
You are a human embodiment of the word smile
Hannah rose Mar 22
We were 12 when we would walk down the street and have men look us up and down, staring at us  hungrily. Men smiling and whistling at us  like we are  some sort of pet that they were trying to catch.

we were 13 when  we had to watch what we wore because if too much shoulder was showing or if our shorts were too short we would distract the boys at school from their “learning” because clearly boys learning is more important than ours seeing the only thing we were learning were tips and tricks about what we should and shouldn't be wearing... because if our skirts were too short or our stomach was  too exposed that would show the guys that we “wanted it.”

But clearly those tips and tricks didn't help because at the age of 14 we were grabbed by boys at the mall and in the streets, but it was okay because “it meant we were hot and had sexy bodies.” but There is nothing sexy about getting used to saying “there was this man who…”

We were 15 when we yelled and sobbed because the men that use to stare at us on the streets found their way into our sheets... as we cried "no, Please don't touch us there ” but I guess my no sounded like a yes and my don't touch me sounded like a carry on and that my terrified eyes and paralyzed body looked like I want to be touched.
Even after everything that happened People tried to teach us that there was nothing that I could do about it and that we should just count ourselves lucky and get use to it…. But how is it possible to get use to being a human object that men can touch whistle and purr at as they please.

We went from having  little boys call us names and pulling on our braids to having a trail of tears fall down our faces each night .Because we knew once we closed our puffy and abused eyes, we would see the men, the men who found their way in our dreams... I guess We went from playing with toys  to eventually becoming toys ourselves.
Hannah rose Mar 21
What makes you beautiful is not how thin or thick you are
Its not how many lips you have kissed
Or guys you have touched
What makes you beautiful is you

Love your curves and your rolls
Your small lips and prominent hips
Every scratch, scar and stretch mark
Is what makes you,

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