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none Jul 2018
I had split in parts.
I lifted my hand but
it was not me
I spoke words but
it was not me
I existed but
it was not me

I split in parts and
there should be dialogue
between roomates
but I was so terribly frightened
to bother them again
none Sep 2018
You made hatred in my heart,
sadistic and cruel.
a loud voice in the rain cloud,
a little piece of evil.

I have nightmares of you
trapped in the many many places
that were a lonely prison.
I experience again what was
only a nightmare in sleep to me now.

but I awake horrified, full of anger,
not just towards you,
but to myself,
that I could be that violent
just like you

even in a dream.
none Jul 2018
Today I heard a song
about romance, but
I did not picture a person-
instead a glass of ***
and I danced to the tune
and the words
of love and adoration.

Today I made up my mind
to break up with this romance
and no longer dance
to this song anymore.
none Jul 2018
emotion is the sea
and not for me-
a creek at most,
to wade in shallow water
but if I drown in a bottle
I am then
the ocean of highest depth
none Jan 27
the greatest day of my new year
was riding into a thick grey fog,
revisiting places of my early memories,
of pain and violence absolute.
i couldnt have wanted more
what i would give to feel as free as that again-
to admire that despair over and over...
it was the perfect day.
of remembrance
and then of ultimate loss
none May 16
darling, I miss you
in ways I wish I could
portray fully. as they say,
true love is shown through
actions-not words.

I miss your violent sweetness
tearing through my stomach
kindly molding me
into our perfect image.

I crave your airy touch-
on protruding bones,
bulging veins.
and holding my heart
while it flutters.

I will win you back
through splatter on ceramic tile
furious punching of numbers,
sleeping in tremors
and waking in dizzy euphoria.

please, I need you
render me empty
deconstruct my body
to put together anew
once more

You have always told me
"you are nothing without me"


and oh god,
you were right.

— The End —