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vinci Jan 2020
Teeth stabbing out of your gums
Hair runs through your skin after birth
Falling in and out of love
Growing up hurts
vinci May 2019
Looking out the window

Thinking about how it was a good day

Chasing the little bit of light that is left

But my eyes can only go so far

Catching the last bit of sunlight

Being sure it can't get away this time

Hoping they didn't forget about me and this is it

Only if my problems could drift away like this..
vinci Apr 2019
Geek's Journal

I embarrassed myself
By making that odd move
In front of that beautiful girl
While her eyes were on me

Now I sit here by myself
Under the moon
Away from the world
My pain will never be seen
vinci Apr 2019

It's very hard
Trying to make a change in this life
Please fill wisdom in my heart
So that the end of this system, I'll survive
Written sometime in September 2016. Love His people so much
vinci Mar 2019
Tossing rocks into a lake
To see if they skip
Like my heart every now and then
When I see your beautiful face

Looking at the leaves in the water
The beauty in this world is only getting smaller
Finding it hard to keep my eyes off you
'Cause my love for you is only getting stronger

Your age
Your ways
So many reasons..
I don't deserve you.

Maybe it's the moments we shared
The times we spend
How beautiful you looked with the sun in your hair
This evening.

I hope you never find out.
(I hope you never do.)
But I hope you don't mind
The love I often find for you
11/17/17 - 11/19/17
vinci Mar 2019
You're just another city
That I'm passing through
On the way to my destination
Yet I'm happy to see you

A city with heavy traffic
Difficult to get out of
To get alone

So pretty and very attractive
Difficult not to fall in love
You're all I want
vinci Mar 2019
Against the wall
Below my knees
No one can hear me
Countless tears crash into the ground  
But no one feels the ground shake
They're too far away

Screaming so loud
Looking at red seas in my reflection  
My hands. my tears cover my face..
The door opens
And I walk back into the crowd  
No one will ever know what happened
Sometime in 2018
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