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8.5k · Sep 2018
chris Sep 2018
I thought

we’ve been    through it all

but you            threw it all



nothing is left
                             now but
my broken pieces
why’d you have to do that to us?

to me?
7.2k · Jan 2016
r e m i n d e r:
chris Jan 2016
before you **** yourself,
just remember
that there are
places you have not been
and things you have not seen.
and poems to awe
art to draw
fields to walk through,
people to talk to,
music to take in,
games to win,
and books to be read.

so why,
oh why
do you wish
to be dead?
it's your life
but the people
around you
get hurt too.
4.2k · Mar 2018
forever young
chris Mar 2018
youth is like a never-ending maze

youth feels like being alone in the deep blue sea

youth can be overwhelming

but also

youth is fighting for what you believe in

youth is friendship

youth is freedom
4.0k · Oct 2017
) )
chris Oct 2017
) )
you're my sun
one and only in this world
I bloom for you,
but you make me thirsty

           it's too late,
           too late

I can't live without you
even if I'm drying out,
I try harder to reach you

but it's no use,
it's a dream to be broken
3.9k · Sep 2015
chris Sep 2015
you desired
my attention
but denied
my affection

it's you
it's you
it's all for you

everything i do
i tell you all the time
heaven is a place for me and you
the last part is from Video Games by Lana Del Rey.  
the first part was written by me.
3.4k · Feb 2017
r u n
chris Feb 2017
don't tell me
3.1k · Mar 2018
1 2 3
chris Mar 2018
hoping for more good days

if you believe what i say then



2.7k · Feb 2020
moon child
chris Feb 2020
take this road
to the moon

take his hand,
the moon child,

cause that’s how
its supposed to be

all this pain
all this sorrow
that’s our destiny
2.3k · Feb 2020
the power of the things
chris Feb 2020
that make me,


even if i fall,
             i come right up, and scream

even if i fall,
             i come right up, and scream
      that's how we've always been

even if my knees drop to the ground,
         as long as they don't get buried,
it won't matter
2.2k · Jan 2017
n u a g e
chris Jan 2017
i try to act cool
pretend like i can't feel
smilin' like a fool
can't believe she's real

her eyes
her cute little nose
her lips and her smile
it felt so good to get lost for a while

we laughed together
we cried together
we felt together
we ****** lived together

together we lived
but i was scared
didn't have enough to give
but thought no one cared

so i tried to

move on
play it off
almost forgot about it and for that i hate myself
what am i doing
why am i letting her slip
who is she seeing
why lately, she hasn't been the same
why do all our dreams seem to fade away
need to get my **** together
want us to last forever

so i

i called her
i met her
i talked and talked and kept talking
just kept saying ****, totally ignoring her

til' she grabbed me
then i calmed down
and now i could see
how much i was missing her warmth

Was happy for the moment, thought everything was fine, i explained myself, and now she's back

She slowly let go of me and it hit me as she whispered
"I don't love you anymore"

And i realised, i was late. Been around my homies too much, shouldn't have played it cool, should have shown my feelings, should have done this and that. Why am i the type of person who always talks that "should have", "could have", "would have" stuff. Please tell me Self, why are you like this. You're ruining my life, i ******* hate you. Piece of ****-

"It's over."
by who am i
2.1k · Feb 2020
chris Feb 2020
bring the pain
they'll become my blood and flesh

bring the pain
no fear,
because now i know the way
1.9k · Oct 2015
chris Oct 2015
1 am
i miss you
and your
silly jokes,
warm smile

2 am
im still awake,
and i miss your
arms around me,
comforting me
when i was sad

3 am
i need you here,
beside me, every
day, minute, second.
i need you here.

4 am
i love you and
i can't live without
you beside me,
telling me it's all
going to be okay.

5 am
where are you,
when i need you.

6 am
i can't sleep.
i can't dream.
all i have are
1.6k · Feb 2020
chris Feb 2020
why is it that
the happiest of moments
usher in sudden fear?
1.6k · May 2017
chris May 2017
"your eyes"
"they look different"
"they look empty"
1.5k · Nov 2016
chris Nov 2016
H - hopeless
A - annoying
P - pretty depressed
P - probably suicidal
Y - yearning for death
1.4k · Oct 2015
chris Oct 2015
"you can't just
touch my soul
and leave"
1.4k · Jan 2017
n u a
chris Jan 2017
"Mhmmm hmm hmm"

Here I sit, at the fountain in the mall, with this soothing melody of an unknown voice whispering through my headphones, my backpack on, eating cup noodles and procrastinating on my studies; A mother with her approximately 5 year old child sits down in front of me.

From the back, she looks like she's twenty-something with a slim, fragile body and her hair cut short. Her son is holding onto her with his right hand and onto a balloon with his left. It seems like time stopped for the kid. He stares at the fountain with a fascinated glance in his eyes as the water rises high up, up to the second floor. The mother and her kid get up eventually after a few minutes. I look around.

Hundreds of people are rushing through the shops, satisfying themselves, drunk from materialism. Watching them feels like I'm watching a time lapse. They are running around, worrying about the future while I am trying to get lost in the moment.

A quote by Nietzsche pops up on a screen, that usually plays advertisements and catches my attention. It says that people are generally in a hurry because everyone is trying to escape themselves.

Hah! What an ironic situation this is.
Someone's shopping bag bumps into me and pulls me back to reality. I realize that the track that was playing through my headphones stopped long ago. It seems like it just kept going on in my head as i got lost. I sigh, get up and make my way home.

"Take me to another place", I mumble as I make my way through the crowds. I don't exactly know why I said that, what I meant and what or rather who should take me away from here. I just hope to, one day, find someone to escape reality with.
by who am i
1.3k · Apr 2020
life is like a flower
chris Apr 2020
the bird I saw at the water park
that bird flew so freely
it seemed so happy to me
because it has wings that I don't have

it is able to go anywhere it wants to go
but that bird is very lonely,  
because it's flying after departing its mother

the bird I saw at the water park
the bird I saw at the playground
the bird I saw on the plane

the bird that was always alone, will fly
freely to find friends
it's not lonely anymore as it flies together

hey, bird bird bird bird

the bird that was always alone, will fly
freely to find friends
it's not lonely anymore as it flies together

hey, bird bird bird bird
1.3k · Nov 2015
chris Nov 2015
you came up behind me,
wrapped your arms around
my neck and covered
my eyes with your hands.

"guess who?" you asked.

and how silly, i thought,
it was to think that i would
not know you by the
feeling of your heartbeat
against my back.
1.3k · May 2017
chris May 2017
be reborn,
you have to die first
1.3k · May 2017
z a z
chris May 2017
night does not break but the shadows peel back
1.2k · Jan 2016
n e v e r
chris Jan 2016
i miss
cities that i have never visited,
the books that i have never read,
the hearts i have never broken,
the tears that i have never shed.

i crave
for the love i never got,
the thoughts i never had,
the smiles i never showed,
the person i never was.
1.1k · Jan 2016
chris Jan 2016
my t
my th
my tho
my thou
my thoug
my though
my thought
my thoughts
my thoughts a
my thoughts ar
my thoughts are
my thoughts are d
my thoughts are dr
my thoughts are dro
my thoughts are drow
my thoughts are drown
my thoughts are drowni
my thoughts are drownin
my thoughts are drowning
my thoughts are drowning m
my thoughts are drowning me
1.1k · Jan 2016
t o o . m u c h
chris Jan 2016
the problem
is that

i care way
too much
about people
who don't give
a **** about
1.1k · Jan 2016
chris Jan 2016
but darling,

                  in the end
                  you’ve got to be
                  your own hero,

                  because everybody’s
                  trying to save

                                *t h e m s e l v e s
1.1k · Jan 10
chris Jan 10
a child who lived
like a spectacular wave
became a sea wall
1.0k · Jun 2017
/ . /
chris Jun 2017
but even if i fall in love again // with someone new // it could never be the way // i loved you
1.0k · Nov 2016
chris Nov 2016
don’t mistake
salt for sugar
if he wants to
be with you
he will
it’s that simple
1.0k · Jun 2016
chris Jun 2016

i don’t want to be vulnerable
and i swore i would never be
but then you noticed me
1.0k · May 2018
im not
chris May 2018
longing for you or
missing you

i just miss the time
when we were together
just us
954 · Jun 2017
your め
chris Jun 2017
other people see
plain old brown eyes
but I see galaxies
925 · Jan 2016
ode to starry starry night
chris Jan 2016
O'starry starry night,
watch the children laugh and play,
reaching up to touch the sky,
up above the world so high

O'starry starry night,
listen to the crickets sing,
sitting out on May hills,
watch the children pick daffodils

O'starry starry night,
follow the light of fireflies,
feel the cool breeze pass by,
breathe in the fresh air.
inspired by starry starry night by don mclean

wrote this for english class in 8th grade.
907 · Feb 2016
chris Feb 2016
did you ever love somebody

but the timing was off?
897 · Nov 2015
falling out
chris Nov 2015
who said that falling
out of love was not something
that made us better
869 · Jan 2016
chris Jan 2016
the sad truth is
so many people are in love and
not together


so many people are together
and not in love
862 · Mar 2016
chris Mar 2016

are you insane like me?
been in pain like me?
836 · Nov 2015
chris Nov 2015
i once dated a scientist                                                       i once dated a writer
who tore me to pieces                                               who confused me beyond
dissecting every piece                                           reason and hesitantly let me
of my heart and of my                                                  study her heart and her
mind. i am a writer and                                            mind. i am a scientist and
my mind does not                                                                   her mind is full of
function the same way                                                                     demons and
and my heart is not                                                       her heart pumps words
reliant on the same                                                             instead of blood. she
thing that his is. he                                         used to spend days reliving and
couldn't find the beauty                                      rewriting her past to make it
in spending hours                                                   beautiful knowing it'd take
making messes just                                          hours to clean herself up again
to clean them up but                                              but i'll never forget the way
i found beauty in                                                      she dissected me just with
his brown eyes.                                                                               her blue eyes.
chemistry in words
832 · Feb 2017
l o v e
chris Feb 2017
love is
no Where

love is
noW here
818 · Oct 2015
ive fallen for you
chris Oct 2015
ive fallen for you laugh,
which is utterly contagious
i've fallen for your smile
which makes me giddy for
no reason at all. i've fallen for
our late night talks, when 1am
arrives far too quickly. i've fallen
for our jokes, which ill remember
days later and burst into laughter.
i've fallen for how you can make
my day better, even if i wanted
to cry a minute before. i've fallen
for every second i get to spend
with you, even if those seconds
will always leave me wanting more.
784 · Oct 2015
✃ ✃ ✃
chris Oct 2015
"you're so ugly"
i know, and you're right.

"nobody likes you"
why would they?

"i hate you"
i understand, i dont like me either

"just **** yourself already"
*im trying to.
778 · Oct 2018
we met
chris Oct 2018
“you started this affair
because you wanted to ruin me”
777 · Jun 2017
i don't think
chris Jun 2017
you understand
how much you meant to me
770 · Oct 2015
what doesn't kill you
chris Oct 2015
what doesn't **** you
doesn't make you stronger

it doesn't do anything at all

767 · Oct 2018
chris Oct 2018
I want to stand up
and rise again
not change for anyone
be myself as I am
765 · Feb 2017
i just want you to
chris Feb 2017
find me
hold me
save me
love me
752 · Oct 2019
g o
chris Oct 2019
g o
don’t love to
f o r g e t,


but love
when you’re
750 · Mar 2016
chris Mar 2016
sad teens with happy faces
749 · Oct 2015
fears and doubts
chris Oct 2015
i was feeling happy
today until my fears
and doubts clouded
my mind and left me
in a dark room.

fears and doubts about
if i was going to be able
to graduate high school
or even go to college.

fears and doubts about
if i would find anyone
that would care for me.

fears and doubts that if
i was ever going to be
my parent's good girl.

but i don't want to be perfect
but i don't want to be a failure
fears and doubts cloud
my mind and poison
my body and drowns
me with nowhere to go.
739 · Nov 2020
chris Nov 2020
before these tears fall,
I just wanted to tell you that I know
that I'm not the one you love.
739 · Jan 2016
chris Jan 2016
he looked at you like you were
the ocean and he was
desperate to
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