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Jul 20 · 88
Noktahkata Jul 20
Sometimes i feel like I've been pushed away,
By all these thoughts that's on my brain,
It make me hear noises in my head,
Or have I become insane?,
How the hell do i run away?,
Is there a switch to turn off my mind?,
So I can finally be free from all those thoughts.
Feb 15 · 259
Noktahkata Feb 15
Life is about taking risk,
Does not matter if the risk is big or small,
There is always a risk,
It's about whether we have the bravery or not,
And it's always about taking the risk or losing the chance.
Feb 14 · 691
Noktahkata Feb 14
People said we are not supposed to fall in love cause everything that falls gets broken,
Love is fragile,
Just like mirror or glass,
It gets broken easily if we are not careful.

Giving away our heart to someone is dangerous,
We may end up losing half of our soul,
And end up like a rock with no purpose in life.
We are the one whose in charge of our own happiness,dont give that job to other people.stay love, stay positive.
Feb 14 · 141
Night Thoughts
Noktahkata Feb 14
On this night that full of rains,
These scary thoughts of mine came crawling on my mind,
Not the monsters that i afraid,
But the thoughts that can make me wish death.

This riddle that keep playing in my head,
Makes this unknown river falls through my eyes,
The feelings of being lonely still dancing on the stage of mind,
Till the sun rise once again.
Going through a day full of rains is so hard for me..and I hope that if anyone is having a hard time like me knows that its okay to have a bad day..cause its just a bad day..not a bad life.. love yall stay positive!

— The End —