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313 · Nov 2019
I saw you lying
Gray Tallman Nov 2019
I saw you lying,
With another.
You kept on lying,
Didn’t tell no other.

If you didn’t love me,
Why didn’t you say so?
Lying like this hurts me,
Oh, it hurts me so.

Our separation,
It could have been peaceful.
If you had said, you’d leave,
I would have let you.
221 · Nov 2019
Gray Tallman Nov 2019
He lived his life as the same,
For over sixteen years.
He wanted to finally change,
But holding him back,
Is the name he bears.

Everyone knows him,
As the nice and funny guy.
But nobody knows,
What he's really like.

He wants to be this,
Punk and cool type.
Wearing boots and leather,
And a lot of spikes.

People'd think he's crazy,
If he'd show up like that.
That's why he won't do it,
Even if he'd like that.
220 · Oct 2018
Gray Tallman Oct 2018
I once fell in love,
It was the first time.
Being with someone,
I wondered what it's like.

A girl with blonde hair,
Blue eyes, like a princess.
I didn't think it'd be fair,
For her to be with someone who's less.

I don't think I'd have a chance,
I don't think she'd like me.
I think I'm just a nuisance,
I think she shouldn't bother with me.

History repeated itself,
Many, many times.
I keep telling these things myself,
All these stupid lies.
186 · Nov 2019
Gray Tallman Nov 2019
Being in love,
Is a hard thing to be.
But confessing to someone,
Even worse, it can be.

He wanted to,
many many times.
But it's something he can't do,
No matter how hard he tries.

At the end of the story,
He is all alone.
A shy little boy,
All on his own.
156 · Dec 2019
I think I found love
Gray Tallman Dec 2019
I think I found love,
With a knife and a gun.
They’re on the shelf,
With the books,
And my old self.
Waiting for a kiss,
A warm embrace,
Going on a date,
In the dark mist.

— The End —