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Modern Serenity May 2015
Broken old gravel
Not a fixed sight for travel
Masked faces
Walking to every lonely places
Not a beauty of buildings sites
Just living in horror and full of fright
  Apr 2015 Modern Serenity
My heart shattered
the pieces all broken and scattered
on the floor it lays
one day hoping to be repaired and find a way

No one cares
Once again I'll be left in the dark alone with my tears
But its okay I'll be fine
I was always the problem and the blame is mine
Modern Serenity Mar 2015
Lately I feel like I've run out of inspiration
I'm left with nothing but humiliation
Normally I had ideas and it would flow
now I have nothing, not evens a thought to show
  Mar 2015 Modern Serenity
My opinions are mine
don't overstep the line
I might be kind
But don't take that to mind
  Mar 2015 Modern Serenity
Knocked me down and threw me around
***** please I'm not waiting for Karma I'm taking you down
  Mar 2015 Modern Serenity
Ever feel like you don't exist
feelings of neglect makes me ******
Everyone interact and have their fun
while I sit alone and have none
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