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Miles Halter Aug 2015
I can't believe that.

If I did I wouldn't be able to breath. If I believed that truth then I wouldn't be able to see clearly. If I believed that fact then I wouldn't be able to see the future me that I worked endlessly to achieve.

I can't believe that.

Why? What does it gain for me to end it all? What do I learn? That I am a *******. That is what I learn. Note that was't just strong language for the sake of a point. No words have a purpose and my purpose is found in words. The little "I love you" statements make me feel worth it and the "You mean nothing to me"'s make me feel worthless. Honesty is something I have always found with words.

I can't believe that... It would leave me broken again.

Better me than her.
Miles Halter May 2015
The monster claws at skin leaving scars. His silver eyes look at me with understanding and hunger, longing for our intimate connection. He can be pointed but I know he understands me. I know of his silver tongue but I still listen to him naively. I know he can hurt me but I still love him. I let him dress me in crimson and relief. Others don't understand, when they realize they look at me like I am insane, I guess they have a point to. Just because I look for the best me in all the worst ways doesn't mean I should be considered a psychopath. Just because I found a way to cope with the abusive nature of this earth doesn't mean I should be hated? I desire his touch he knows my curves and my imperfections. At least he accepts me.
Miles Halter Feb 2015
Sometimes when we shatter, our broken pieces scar others.

— The End —