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Michael Caio Mar 2015
I am the Grotesque
Marques de Sade
I am the Notorious
Giacomo Casanova

I lurk in the Dark Street
Impatiently for the Week
Enthralling and Charming
I smile (vile) with a dimple on my cheek

I see they are vulnerable
Seeking for a God
And that God I become
I am the fruit that will make them succumb

I destroy any trace of humanity left
It’s the Body that I want and Soul I shall bet

As I possess the Boy, *******, the Rich Lady or the Monarch
I cannot impede the images in my mind
Crossing this Arch
Unique Treasures I will find

In my sheets of satin  
The playground of Satan
Tortures of Pleasure
Take place as I make pressure
****** Ropes with humans Cries
Bites of Pain while the Soul fries

To my Chandelier I tie my Slave
I whisper in sinister voice: Be Brave  
My Hand goes where it wants
It has a Will of its own
Unlike its Subject
I shall make it my Object

My Tongue travels the nervous skin
Salt and fear sheen
Sustaining the Evil in me
And the Evil rises vigorously
The Tongue seeks it Moist or Hard
Something of Putrid smell and flavour

Spiking the rib cage with an Object of ******* nature
The Slave inhales Pain
And exhales Lust
I feel it in between the spiting in my Face
And the cries for clemency

I cannot understand why It doesn’t see the Artistry
Of the way I subdue IT to my Supremacy
Are the candles not too hot?
Is the ***** too cold?
Are the Faeces dry and old?
Maybe the splintery wooden **** Pug is slipping out.
Or the Rusty Chain around Its neck too loose

(It is impossible to please
So have this in mind when you fall in Love
You fall alone, you see
Like a Dead Dove from a Dead Tree)

And having that Epiphany
Altruistic acts shall be only for me

Do not close your Eyes
Do not pretend Death in Disguise
My Dagger is now sharp
Spread your legs
Let us see you Drip

Drop by drop
In my mouth ‘til full
White and Red viscous Miracle
Swallow Seeds and Swallow Beads

Now that Gratitude is paid
And the Ritual complete
It’s time to get Laid
Fornication until Testicular function is Obsolete

I use Pig’ Intestines for protection of my Hook
As ridicule to the Book
It’s funny and punning
The Pork really IS Possessed

The friction stinks
And Burns to my delight
The Pain that it brings
Shows It no Light

Is this the End?
The Nirvana my friend!!!
Can you feel it?
While you chase the Last Breath?

I Erupt and Explode
It Implodes – the Explosion is within.

Oh Glorious Dissatisfaction
Oh Dead Body that dangles

I wish IT could see what IT & I created
Superb Creation
No words can explain
Its Life was not in Vain
It was Art
For me to Manipulate

The Rush in my Veins
Quickly vanishes
Leaving me with this uncomfortable

Another Day another Dime
Another Day another Dame
Another Day another Dammed

I am the Ultimate Pleasure seeker

I am the Grotesque Artist
Definitely not for the week hearted.
This is probably one of the most horrible Poems I have ever written.
I just felt like writing something horrendous.
A little trip into a sick person’s mind that has some sort of meaning to what it does.

I hope you can read it and appreciate it for the Art behind it

Take a little trip into my mind.
Michael Caio Mar 2015
Level spelt backwards is Level
That is Level itself.
Michael Caio Mar 2015
I fly nowhere with screams
Hollow vocals are broken dreams
Michael Caio Mar 2015
See a Sea of Secret Signs
Voluptuous Volatile & Vile Vultures
Creatures Creating Cretinism
Solid Solutions & Solid Situations

Subconsciously Violins Consuming Sounds

Roses Rapping River & Roads
Water, Walls, Weeds Wallow
Cremating Carnivore Carnations & Carnivals
Tenacious Terrorism Trimming Time

Riddles Will Consume Things
Michael Caio Mar 2015
*** me up on fire
Trigger my desire
Softly stroke me with caress
and lips

Lovely tongue this of mine
For it’s an explorer
Ready to deflower
Passages into your forest

*** me up into frenzy
Let me be a slave to your seduction
Torture me before eruption

Lovely fingers these of mine
For they cannot see but feel
Soft skin below them
Slipping from dry to wet

*** me up until madness
Shivering Trembling Shaking
Bodies of ours, bursting in heat
And Love

Lovely body this of mine
For it is yours for pleasure
Yours to objectify
Yours to seek

*** me up
*** me
Michael Caio Mar 2015
Look at him.
It’s a creature of shame
Worth my pity
Godless creature

Look at him
Looking at nothing
Gazing its life away
I wonder if it wonders

It kills all living
With irrational instincts
Its ****** behaviour is repugnant
It’s a soulless creature

Look at him
Respects nothing
And knows nothing
I wonder where it will end

                                                                                          (The Priest had no Idea there was a monkey staring at him on top of a tree)
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