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Mia Thompson Feb 17
The clouds open up
As I feel the gentle rays
And I think of a time when I used to see your face
Now I just see your  heart in every cloudy day
And think of all the wisdom you once used to say
Though we’re worlds apart
I can feel you everyday
You’re trapped within my heart
And you’ll never get away
Mia Thompson Feb 2019
Your heart came into my hands so cold
And as fragile as ice
I was so scared to drop it, I held onto it
With all of my might
The fire of love rushed through my veins
Urging to meet this new, unfamiliar pain
It was so unique
Your heart was so cold and fragile
But it never froze my heat
I would melt your heart if when I’d say the right words
We’d turn blue fire that was a delight to see
But not touch
A storm of feeling of both hot and cold
Who would’ve thought fire and ice could dance so beautifully
As we were together we could make flowers bloom at our feet
As we danced through the desert
Making once a desert now a garden
Spring was our season I’d presume
Little did we know while we were dancing
Time was passing
And the seasons were changing
We no longer made flowers at our feet
And the petals in our garden began to fall
I could begin to feel the summer heat wash through my veins
As your coldness seemed to go away
I watched you leave dancing
As if the seasons for you have changed
My feet stopped dancing
As I now realize the damage cold does to heat
My feet stopped dancing and I forgot how to walk
And who would think I’d be the one to fall?
I hope y’all like this one I haven’t been writing in a while.
Mia Thompson Feb 2019
Sure I'm Fine
                                                                                                      I'm Hurting
  Yeah, I love myself
                                                                                     I need more makeup
      I'm so over him
                                                                         I wish he was here
          My family is perfect
                                                             They're fighting again
                I'm over that phase
                                                            I still wanna die
                     Oh, I'm sorry
                                                        I'm so sorry
                            Yeah! I'll come
                                      Leave me alone
                                  See you tomorrow
         I hope I don't see tomorrow
                                             I think I'm beautiful
    I have so many flaws
                                                            I've got this
I'm losing it..
Mia Thompson Jan 2019
It hurts when you finally realize
He wasn’t the one..
Mia Thompson Dec 2018
I miss listening to a love song
And having you in my mind while it was playing
I miss you being the last thought in my head before I go to sleep
I miss being able to talk to you every time I wanted to
I miss checking my phone
And seeing your name on my screen
I miss feeling you holding me so tight
That I thought I’d never slip away
I miss being able to look you in your eyes
And your lips curl into your gorgeous smile
I miss being who we used to be
I miss looking at the stars and thinking they were lined up for us
I miss the I love yous and I need yous
Yet most of y’all
I miss who you used to be
Mia Thompson Dec 2018
We were the summer clouds
That provide the right amount of shade
So that we do not burn the earth
We were two paints
Mixed perfectly together to form an entirely new color
We were the everything that most people wanted to have
Yet most of all
We were everything I could’ve dreamed of

Somethings changed
The way you look at me is just not the same
You can see the hurt on my face
The love that’s gone & not replaced
Everyday I spent loving you
You spent wondering if you loved me
Every time I put my everything into us
You kept taking away pieces and pieces of me
I thought I heard the sound of love and
At first it sounded like cheers and happiness
But now I realize I only heard the sound of it’s absence

I wanted to say goodbye to you
Before you left
Yet how was I supposed to know
You were leaving in the first place
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