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Bridget Lasell Sep 2016
You're so selfish
Stuck in your ways.
Like you're the only one in pain.
Well *******,
I hurt too!
But you'll never know.
You'll never see.
You'll never know me.
Bridget Lasell Sep 2016
I've loved
And I've lost.
And I'm lost.
I look
And I long.
For what?
Something that's gone
Something that's wrong.
A feeling
A flicker.
What have I become?
I'm not done,
I'm not done.
Bridget Lasell Jun 2014
What have I become?
All the damage I have done.
If I could twist back the hands of time,
I'd be better.
I don't want to break you,
I don't want to make you lose your mind.
I reach out to touch you,
To feel you still breathing,
I open my eyes and you're gone.
I don't want to go on.
If I let go of loving you,
If I gave up trying,
Life would be pointless.
Like flowers not blooming,
Birds that stop flying.
I would give up everything to prove that I care.
And even if you're not,
I will always be there.
Bridget Lasell Jan 2014
Your words are like paper cuts.
Quick slice,
Sharp pain,
Persisting sting.
But you always say you love me.
Harsh words turn into vague threats.
Those threats turn into solid blows.
But you still say you love me.
One more time,
Then I’m done.
With satisfaction, I pull the trigger.
*Do you still love me?
Bridget Lasell Dec 2013
Come Winter,
Dark and dead.
That lonesome howl
Through empty trees,
Empty thoughts,
Empty souls.
My heart belongs to you, my dear.
Longing for your familiar warmth
To stop the frigid breeze
From carrying me away.
But all I feel is the cold ground.
That patch of dead earth where I now lay in sorrow.
For all the hurt I’ve brought to you,
I deserve to fade away.
Bridget Lasell Mar 2013
I believe in Nature.
The movement of the Earth.
The Sun that give us life,
The Moon that makes us love.
I believe in the dance of the Ocean.
The stories of the Stars.
We can learn everything from the Animals,
We just need to listen.
Look around at the art of our Planet,
It's in the Trees, the Rain, the music of the Wind.
I believe in the Earth.
She loves us,
It's time we love her back.

— The End —