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Maya Feb 2017
My fingertips hold on to the edge
Of our love that is slipping
Slowly into the deep ocean of

Now wave by wave I feel adrift
My body drowning into darkness
My heart filling with the blue.
Maya Jan 2017
A drip of sadness starts to
Seep through the gaps
Of our existence and
Follow shadows, wraps
Around your footsteps and
Blinds the eyes we hold.
Brining us together in a unity of
Fallen tears that blindfold us
Humanity, standing forth broken
In a dark place that we don’t wish
To be, where our spoken words mean
Maya Dec 2016
I saw the light, but I swear,
It flashed between my eyes.
This tunnel I walk blindly
Being hit a hundred times.

My skin I tear and tear,
To find the light once more
But all I get is nothing,
But blood and flesh and gore.
Maya Dec 2016
Silver horses crash,
elevating waves foam as
sailors drift in silence.
Maya Dec 2016
Sometimes I feel like writing
but sometimes it takes days,
for me to think of something
and bring the pen to page.
Maya Dec 2016
Perhaps I'll move to the cardboard box
that sits under the stairs.
I'll say I found a new apartment,
one at no expense.
I'll have my own aerosphere
3rd-class postage stamps,
punched into my knees.
I'll get to know the gloves and folds
that package at my skin-
let the corners of the box
soften into different shapes
and alleviate my fears.
Maya Dec 2016
Oh sun-
Kiss down on my
Dulcet lips
And give your rays of warmth,
So that I may drool
Yellow from my mouth.
Let my insides be a raging fire and
Break my skin to an amber glow.
Oh sun-
Beam your healing rays of blonde
And let me turn to gold.

— The End —