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Mason Burch May 2015
Everyone takes waking up for granted
There are so many people that
Will never see the beautiful sky again
That will never roll out of bed
And if they knew, they would beg
And plead for their conscious to be          
Mason Burch Nov 2016
we gaze into the sky
we sat and pondered why
the sound of silence entrenching
lying and stretching
out comes the moon
with a hint of shy
and a glisten of hope
shall we learn now
or sit and question why
Mason Burch May 2017
just spent my afternoon doing nothing
it was wonderful
it was blissful
it was calming
just spent the whole night awake
it was scary
it was intense
it was just a dream
Mason Burch Nov 2016
here i lay
me and my cat
what do i say?
on the clouds we sat
wondering why
i'm talking to my cat.
Mason Burch Oct 2016
you can never leave
please come and join us inside
life and death awaits
Mason Burch May 2015
It is always me
All alone in a dark room
Begging to get out
Mason Burch Dec 2016
i'll* never know now
wondering what we could be
okay you are gone
Mason Burch Dec 2016
what is this thing called sobriety
what is it like to think clearly
what is this thing i've become
what is it like to be healthy
what is this thing controlling me
what is it like to enjoy life
what is this thing called happiness
what is it too control your demons
Mason Burch Nov 2015
everything is taken for granted
we all wish for this or wish for that
but never take a moment
and cherish what life is really about
and that is happiness
not materials or accumulated things
but happiness in your own head
which will ultimately lead to
a happy life
Mason Burch Feb 2017
everyone dies
some good
some bad
some we cry for
others we don't
what are you doing
to make sure
people care
when it is
your time to go
Mason Burch Mar 2016
You’re a Republican, you have the R
You see that D? We are the Democrats
Those Republicans are a bunch of brats
Dems, should we decrease the Military?
Is that donkey supposed to be scary?
At least we don’t believe everything came from a star
At least we see the damage to our planet
Raising taxes, you need to quit the habit
Universal healthcare are you serious?
Those e-mails gone, wow how mysterious
Let’s make some change for the better of our kids
Your party will soon be coming to skids
Donald Trump is in the lead, no one is near
Case is made, I think we are done here
Mason Burch May 2015
One day I'll make it
I'll be rich and famous
Have everything my heart desires
And then some

One day I'll be rich and famous
I'll have demons
Hate life and how it's going
Everyone always using me

One day I'll have demons
I'll wish I could go back to how it was
Simple life, enjoying the little things
Everything now is material

One day I won't be able to go back
I won't have a choice
But to live the life I chose
Regret it everyday

One day I'll be rich and famous
Mason Burch Oct 2016
some people know me
most people don't
some people see
most people don't
the darkness that lies inside
the winter frost blowing across my heart
the pain that rages within
they see me from the outside
when really it's me
on the inside crying out
Mason Burch Oct 2016
my only friend
the only thing
keeping me from
all the pain
and the suffering
for when
it is dark
dreams come alive
Mason Burch Nov 2016
what is happening
i ran into an old friend
"hello, nice to meet you"
#thoughts #life #dark
Mason Burch Oct 2016
two certainties
in this thing
we call life
we shall perish
but too where
see title
Mason Burch Feb 2017
they say it's winter
but no one would ever know
it is just your *heart

— The End —