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 Jan 2016 Margaret
Bianca Reyes
Jump these fences
Dismantle my defenses
Possess my heart
Tear me apart
Written on January 5, 2016 and share on HelloPoetry on the same day.
Copywrite and all rights reserved under the possession of Bianca Reyes
 Jan 2016 Margaret
Grace Turner
Lust is a strange thing,
That can turn you from
Predator, to prey,
Can make you pray
To a God you know doesn't exist
And beg and beg and **beg.
This is a power play, beautiful boy, and I'm starting to think I'm losing.
 Oct 2015 Margaret
I am the destroyer of mountains
Polluter of rivers, oceans, and earth
Everything on this Earth is mine and only mine
It belongs to me
My name is Man

Witness the sixth extinction that I bring upon
Breathe my toxic smoke
One more time before I disappear

My brother trembles at the sight of me
I bring life upon him
And I take life from him at will
I am Man, the destroyer of mountains

It is I the last one I shall see
It is I who will destroy thee
What do you think?
 Aug 2015 Margaret
the Terror
she's the reason my knees are bleedy
she makes it easy to be so needy
she kisses on my achy feet
and ***** the coffee off my teeth
she makes me be a very good girl
she makes every one of my toes curl
i want to smell the way she breathes
i want to make her flower wreaths
she's prettier than pity pink
she laughs like teeth hitting sink
she has a really mean right hook
i love when she makes that look
she only bites me when i plead
she's all i'll ever really need
 Aug 2015 Margaret
Freddie Rogers
"This is called the fisherman's hook"
That was my best friend alongside me fishing
Author of life turned the page of the book

Heart bigger than a heart itself
Hunting on Christmas was the only presence I wanted
He was my Santa and I his elf

Trapped in my mind with no release
Sitting under the lights crying "I need you please"

A figure appears
"You are becoming a great fisher of men"**
Here I am talking to gramps all over again
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