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LP Foster Jun 2014
I am in constant need of supervision. Self destructive tendencies and little, if any, self control are a concoction that can ****. I think this is why I believed in God for so long. I needed someone to watch me. Somedays I needed that injection on guilt at the base of my spine. Feeling the guilt spread over me was my classical conditioning. I remembered how guilt feels like sludge moving slowly through my tiny veins and I adjust. I stopped believing in God, but the guilt stayed. Beliefs are easily discarded where conditioning is, well, it's still here.
LP Foster Jun 2014
Sorry I made you feel small.
I was tiny and scared.
And I wanted your company.
LP Foster Jun 2014
I've always lied to you.
Don't expect me to stop now.
LP Foster Jun 2014
I didn't know what heavy was until we sat on my back porch and swapped painful memories like Pokemon cards.

I didn't know I would like rain until you poured your heart into my hands as the storm hit.

I didn't know you until I lost you, but I still like the heavy feeling I get when the rain hits the top of head.
LP Foster Jun 2014
Show me someone who can hold all I pretend to be in their right hand and all I am in my left.

Show me something unconditional. Anything.
LP Foster Feb 2014
Not love.
Lust and Loyalty.
LP Foster Feb 2014
I gave the ocean eyes so she could see how beautiful she was.
She hasn't stopped crying.
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