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alexis Sep 2017
I envy them
For they are free
But that unfortunately isn't me
They soar in the sky
While I'm stuck down here in my dimise
I hear them sing
"If you can't fly then run",once said Martin Luther king jr
So I run and never look back
alexis Aug 2021
I wish you’d love me like I love you
A great fire within me burns for you
Something that’s never fully satisfied…

I listen to your song recommendations to understand you better  
But it’s still not enough
I want to be engulfed by you
alexis Jul 2021
I picture your arms around me
Caressing my hair behind my ear
Oh what I would for you to really be here

I’d cross the seven seas just to see you smile
Just to feel your warm embrace I’d walk a hundred miles
Just to see you for a while those are the things I’d do
Because nothing, truly nothing, compares to seeing you
alexis Jul 2021
I truly over-romanticize
I think about them day and night
And it isn’t wise

Because I know I’m not crossing their mind
So why can’t they leave mine?

The idea of them dances around in my head
From the moment I wake up
To the moment I go to bed

Oh to have my dreams come true
I don’t know what I’d do
If I were to finally be with you
alexis Jul 2021
I think about you a little to much
I’d love to know if you think about me
Or is this just my young naivety?
alexis Jul 2021
Nights feel so lonely
I wish I could see you
Talk to you
Pick your mind
Feel your skin against mine
But atlas, we have no time
alexis Oct 2017
I knew you were bad and toxic
How could I not see that eventually you would utterly destroy me
Loving  you with everything I had
You didn't seem so bad
Everyone told me your would hurt me

My friends got mad,said you were bad news
And I would be left listening to the blues
But I loved you anyways
How could I not see that you would break me

Break me so much I wanted to die
But this was no surprise
I knew this would happend
I wanted to believe your lies
I wanted them to be true
I wanted you to love me like I loved you

I saw you like no one else saw you
I saw the good in you
When everyone said there was just bad(maybe they were right maybe I should have listened)
But now my eyes glisten from tears
I wish I would have listened

— The End —