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Lilly frost Jul 2019
Two paths diverged in a yellow wood one unknown and one understood
One dark and dreamy
One alight but dreary
Walked upon by two travelers long
One impatient and oh so weary
One settled and oh so Leary

What change do we need we'll walk in between

How and why There's no outcome to be seen

To be oh to be!
Just settle once in your ways and follow me!

I cannot I am far too tired
I'm afraid I must sleep
At the cross roads of my life let me lay and weep

Get up I say it'll be ok just so long as we know the way
The lighter path may be a bit unpleasant but at least all is quite apparent

I cannot
I will not
We'll end up peasants!
Why not explore, beg for more!
A darker path for a brighter life
A future that goes further instead of scrapping the bottom line

I'm sorry to choose but I don't like to lose
Change is too scary, I'm afraid I'm leaving you

My life, my love
We've made flesh and blood
To leave for a common impression instead of working for something refreshing is the worst possible path
I'm sorry I just can't live with that

I can't follow you
I know so I must go

The two travelers paths diverged in a yellow wood
They left each other
No longer side by side
Along the paths they fretted
Waiting for a time mist dreaded
That old familiar sigh, of another traveler by their side
Lilly frost Jul 2019
To those who looked but never listened
Never had the heart to bear witness
To admit you've felt something more than just a numbing ache
One who chooses not to recognize nor identify, with anothers' pain
Stuck in your own head
Lying waste to your brain
Can you imagine living like you use to once again?
The breeze, no longer choking and hot but somehow chilling to the bone
The colors no longer monochrome
The robotic tasks that you repeat are for some a momentous feat
For each breath of air comes so worldly care
Each care turns into a tearing pain as slowly you learn to love again
The landscape no amount of gray can cover
The eyes of a once blind lover
Lilly frost Jul 2019
To what do I owe this honor
Being your toy
A scheme
Thinking you could pass me around to another
With no love
No thought
I meant what I told you
With every piece of my tearing heart
I love you
Even still
You shove me to another once you've had your fill
Is this all I've been to you
Is that all you want
How could you...
Why should I be a part of your life anymore
I'm not your *****
I'm not your fill
Seeing you toss me aside...
I can't take it
I never will
Lilly frost Jul 2019
The words slipping from your lips
A whisper turning into a kiss
Pressed gently then hard
Then smashed!
Whispering I love you
Pouting when silence is returned
Pushing harder
Begging for a partner when all that can be given is a witness
How could you wish this?
Do you really think anyone would want to be apart of your lonely lust hit list?
Lilly frost Jul 2019
A ******* in another parking lot
Begging for money avoiding shots
Choking and dying for a better life
That's what you thought I'd be right?

You told me so I couldn't breathe and you just didn't believe until I hit the ground, out, stone cold

Jokes on you
Ridiculous fool
You laughed and ridiculed everything I possibly wanted to do just to keep me closer to you
I'm glad I didn't stay I'm not your servant
Not your slave
Not your puppet and I will never obey!

For God's sake you made impossible to study or have fun
I needed at least one of the two and when it was up to you I had to settle for none!
I couldn't eat
Couldn't sleep
Couldn't speak
God knows I only ate 6 times a week
95 pounds and getting slimmer
All I asked was to be able to make some dinner!

Profound that I passed once I moved my ***
No longer am I under your thumb, I'm done
I've won

I passed my class
Passed my peers
I can eat and sleep even speak ever so clear

What you wanted my future to be
What you whispered in my ear
The downfall of my wits and heart shall never come near
For I am not yourself
The harlot the sits upon the muddy stains of her life and settles for men that push her through the mud and muck to stand atop themselves

For shame uneducated fool you know nothing of me
I am nothing like you
Lilly frost Jul 2019
I had you first
Heart soul and mind
Grown up, not apart by time
So alike, so unchanged
Through different environments, in a different stage
Now they have you, thoughts and body
Weeding away our time though unsteady
So many wishes, so many prayers to one not there, answered suddenly but incompletely
Now I have you soul mind and body
Your heart is away, on vacation these days

Now I again begin to pray, to beg one not there
May I have you?
Again the way you once were?
All mine finally for once
Uninjured, unbroken
Loved and loving but mostly; loving me?

God please!
You know me better than I know myself!
For years and years of my feelings bottled on a shelf
Resigning myself to a secret love ocassionally crashing from above, to break my heart all over again
I never minded it then...

But to have you and have you ripped away
Every night, every day
I will never be ok
The jar is unscrewed and feeling renewed courses through my chilled veins
To remember your gentle callused hands
To remember your words to me when secrets spilled and my tears would repeat
I would give anything for you to stay
Even a day or two of having you Completely having you, is worth more than lifetimes having the next best thing
Sweet lord you idiot I'm in love with you, and I have been for an incredibly long time.
Lilly frost Jun 2019
For those who fall fast
Past the pits of time to those depths of mind
For those who refuse and refuse the refuge of a single thought in which they are sane
A changing mind is no enemy
A turning heart can tear apart the brightest of suns or the darkest of seas
A changing mind may leave behind a life unadored
But open your eyes to a life that was left unexplored
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