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Jul 2019
A ******* in another parking lot
Begging for money avoiding shots
Choking and dying for a better life
That's what you thought I'd be right?

You told me so I couldn't breathe and you just didn't believe until I hit the ground, out, stone cold

Jokes on you
Ridiculous fool
You laughed and ridiculed everything I possibly wanted to do just to keep me closer to you
I'm glad I didn't stay I'm not your servant
Not your slave
Not your puppet and I will never obey!

For God's sake you made impossible to study or have fun
I needed at least one of the two and when it was up to you I had to settle for none!
I couldn't eat
Couldn't sleep
Couldn't speak
God knows I only ate 6 times a week
95 pounds and getting slimmer
All I asked was to be able to make some dinner!

Profound that I passed once I moved my ***
No longer am I under your thumb, I'm done
I've won

I passed my class
Passed my peers
I can eat and sleep even speak ever so clear

What you wanted my future to be
What you whispered in my ear
The downfall of my wits and heart shall never come near
For I am not yourself
The harlot the sits upon the muddy stains of her life and settles for men that push her through the mud and muck to stand atop themselves

For shame uneducated fool you know nothing of me
I am nothing like you
Lilly frost
Written by
Lilly frost  18/F/US
   Terry Collett
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