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Dominique Jan 1
Writer's block
But sweeter
Tantrum sky
But brighter
Shaking hands
But softer
Racing heart
But lighter

But kinder
Shifting grass
But greener
Buzzing blood
But calmer
Skinny wrists
But cleaner

Warmth and hope
Like in this letter
I'll take the pain
But I will be better.
2019 will be incredible <3
  Dec 2018 Dominique
Crown Shyness
Once there was fire
and a blank page,
then the fury of rage
as it burned down,
flew up
in glowing wings of ashes -
first so much lighter
for wood of substance
grey to black coal.

Lying on the ground of the forest
all he could do
was telling stories of black
when the white dove sat
down next
to his leftover.

He already burned to ashes
he must be wise,
let me listen and maybe I'll get a little more high
when I take the next flight.

He only told stories of black
and the bird flew away with sooted wings.
Dominique Dec 2018
Pixie dust behind your eyes
Watercolours when you cry
Your lashes scatter all the light
And droop like blossoms through the night

Pay a plant to sweeten air
Stress may choke but lungs don't care
Your mossy throat can water earth
And soil is all that your money's worth
Of course

Kiss the steam before the cup
Fill the corners of you up

And when you're caught,
Don't lose your head
If brick loves bleeding
Trust paper instead
If you can

Choose the storm before the rain
Cram your soul to full again

And when you're here,
I lose my mind
If we're wide awake
Then love can't be blind

Comet rust around your nails
Tipping smoothly off the rails
Your laces trip on bits of cloud
When idle floating's not allowed

****** a cat to thank the streets
For the wonders that you meet
And drowning sleep is not what sells
But I owe life to those dimple wells
Of yours

Learn the dance before the beat
And I'll always save your seat

So when you're back,
Don't be dismayed
Your cells have a purpose
And your dad would have stayed
If he could

Choose the first flavour you like
Even if it's not so right

And when you're here,
The stars confess
They're loving the distance
To earth so much less
For your eyes.
Nature is a delight, and so are you all <3
Will come back to edit some parts of this
Dominique Dec 2018
The unfettered wind
Flaunts its ribbons outside;
Its wine tickled leaves
And the journeys they hide
It pulls me to play
With a glove on my hair
Buffets me away
To its storm-peaceful lair

It secrets my time
Drags the sun to my feet
But 4 o'clock twilight
Is no way to meet

So I zip up my coat
And it loosens its hold
Though winter entices
I fight through the cold.
The wind's picking up.
Dominique Dec 2018
Taste the sunlight
Wrap up in the golden thread
The 40 carat golden thread
That leaks like honey on your head

Feel the sunlight
Open up to gamma streams
The seeds of life in gamma streams
That donate such vivacious dreams

Be the sunlight
Buoy the dust motes with your smile
The guileless, butter-melting smile
Illuminating clouds a while

And linger amber in the light.
When all else fails, turn to the warmth within to drive the shadows out. <3
Dominique Dec 2018
You are stained with wine
I am full of ink
You ***** and singe my mind
I don't know how to think

Your girls paint me green
My veins pound with you
It's mortal and unclean
I don't know what to do

You are stained with love
I unwind in hate
There's angels up above
But they're all way too late.
get out of my ******* head.
Dominique Dec 2018
The paper cuts
Breed like the plague
The piano keys are curt
The tune is turning vague  
Life has jammed salt
Right down my throat
So I scrub my tar soul
From the lyrics I wrote
Every night.

But yeah, I've been alright.
um, hey.
"so? what's been going on these past 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 months? why haven't you been speaking to us?"
it's just our paths, you know? they never cross. i barely see you.
"i see you all the time, but you're always talking to other people."
i could say the same for you
"so what's been happening?"
i stopped talking to 2 of my friends.
"nothing much really. nothings been going on. well, there was something, but i cant remember so it probably doesnt matter."
let's make up for it. meet up?
maybe we needed this.
"what are you suggesting?"
too much of a good thing is too much, right?
"yeah. like *******."

and then we laughed.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I never once said I was sorry, which is a new one.
But i am.
I miss you guys so much.
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