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s i r Jun 2019
Stay on me for a bit longer
Linger your sight on my lips
Can you feel yourself coming closer
Snake your hands around my waist
I place mine on your cheek, your neck
Ready to pull ourselves closer

Look at me still
Close your eyes
And I close mine
Kiss me
Kiss me slow
Take your
There is only
Until heat

When we breathe, it’s over.
Hold your breath
And time stands still
s i r Jun 2019
Stare. Stay on me for a bit
Linger your sight on my lips.
Can you feel yourself
coming closer?
Snake your hands around
my waist.
I place mine on your cheek
your neck.
Ready to pull ourselves closer.
Look at me still.
Close your eyes
and I close mine.
Kiss me
Kiss me slow
Take your
Stops now
There is
the heat

We breathe

And it's over
The time stopping properties of a first kiss
  Jun 2019 s i r
I want to write about what hurts because I think it will
Stop me from hurting. If I put these words on
A page then they will be easier to digest.
Poetry isn't curative by creation, it is
Just confession. Still, these remedial
Lines are what I turn to when I am holding
Too much in my hands. Right now, I feel
Like I am overflowing onto the ground below me.
For the first time,
I don't want to write about what hurts. I want
To keep it inside of me and let it burn me. I want
To carry it in my palms for as long as I can.
I should write
About how we've said goodbye so
Many times that it turned into a threat, a weapon
We made with our tongues.
I should write
About how I lied and got away with it,
How you got caught with
Your hands tied and no one to blame.
I should write
About how it was over before we waved the white
Flag, and I know what it means now
To hold onto a sinking ship.
I've never had anything to die for.
I should write about how I've never wanted
Something so much that I devastated it completely.
We loved in harsh conditions, under sun and darkness and
I don't know how to write about how
The love didn't save us.
I don't write about letting go as much as I write about
Holding on, and I want
That to change.
I don't want to write hurt just to feel it.
The next poem I write about you will be
About me. About how I held on and how I let go.
It won't be about your love, it will be about
Mine. It won't stop me from hurting, but
It is how I make it out
Of my love alive.
s i r May 2019
Harapin ang liwanag

Na naguudyok ng katotohanan

Na ang buhay

Ay may dulo't katapusan
  May 2019 s i r
she was the moon
radiating the night sky
and dancing among the stars

you were the darkness
the shadow that waxed and waned
through the phases of her life

she grew to believe
that your presence
is what made her whole

but like the full moon
she shone brightest
without you

s i r May 2019
Truth is the threathening feeling of bile up your throat after a night of drinking,

And the butterflies in your belly as she dances with you in the moonlight and spins you off your axis.

Truth is the sound that pierces the silence when you look into her eyes.

It is harsh and painful like trying to reach the surface but the water never ends,

And the feeling of betrayal when she's slipping of your routine right after being told time would stand still.

Isn't she beyond you? And yet you continue to swim.

But truth is truth. And she is beautiful, that you know. She is free.
Ramblings from 2015
s i r May 2019
The noise of silence comes for the weary,
A lullaby for the restless soul.
Some say sleep is for the wicked,
But wicked is sleep for it often escapes us all.

I dream to sink into darkness that warms me,
Cold is the light of the windows of the earth.
To find comfort in the void that envelopes me,
the lightness of being, rid of the heaviness of the world.

But the day will break before my peace,
And a piece breaks within my mind.
While the pandemonium of life slowly creeps back in,
And alas, sleep has gracefully made its escape again.

Written by s i r and r m b
Written by RMB and SIR
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