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  Dec 2014 Lee Ann Tong-aan
I'm a puppet
You're a puppeteer
Playing with my  soul-
Tangled in my fears
Thrown from the highest spot
The place between fantasy and reality
Love and hate
Sound of laughter interrupted by the waves in the ocean of tears
I'm a puppet
And you're a puppeteer
Playing with my soul
Covering my naked ghost with scars
Like they are the only clothes that fit me perfectly.
I'm a puppet
And your a puppeteer
Playing with my soul
Taking my ****** tears
Producing lipstick
Putting smile on my face with it.
  Dec 2014 Lee Ann Tong-aan
Kiss me
As if
you are drowning
And your only
source of oxygen
Is my lips

Kiss me
As if
You want to know
how you taste
On my lips

Kiss me
As if
i am the
Only girl here
For you;
The only one you see

Kiss me
As if
you are a
wilting flower
And i'm the
first drop of rain

Kiss me
As if
my lips
Taste like freedom
And you have been a prisoner
Of the world's ways all your life

Kiss me
Like that is all
You have ever known
As if
You find yourself
Only when you get lost in me

Kiss me
And let the words Flow from
My lips to yours
And weave themselves
into poetry;
a poetry only we can feel

Kiss me
as if you are dying
and your only way
to salvation
is me

*He Kissed me
As if
Trying to tell me
How beautiful He thinks i'm
Without having
To utter A single alphabet
So, on twitter we were given a prompt: kiss me and i came up with these.

Anyway, is there a guy or girl who came in your mind while reading this? For me, it would be lily and james. Their love <3
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