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ilina286 Jan 2021
It's quite a long time.
It starts now and lasts for all eternity.
ilina286 Feb 2020
Certain things only seem wrong until we do them or they happen to us.
And suddenly they feel right.

Kneeling in front of every sin we desperately judged but still commited.
ilina286 Jan 2019
It was my joy
opening doors in my life
opening my eyes,so i could see
what i have never seen before.

It was my hope
showing the paths and
all the small ways
that i have never walked along.

It was my ..
but not mine at all
not here anymore

It has never been
ilina286 Dec 2018
Four years and four different lives
Four years and four different deaths
We have lived alone and we have died alone .
What are we supposed to do when the thing that wrecked us comes back ?
ilina286 Jun 2018
we keep on going back
to the places where we once lost everything
hoping for a different end
ilina286 May 2018
It's been a pleasure
ilina286 Apr 2018
I've never been to the
This way
That way
My way.
Don't have
Nor September,to remember.
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