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Lara Wan Apr 2015
Cold August mornings
chairs scraping the floor
early birds singing
chalk marks on the board

Handsome older brother
studying next door
guitar bag on your shoulder
I haven't seen before
I'm looking out the window
as you walk by
did you see me, did you know?
I was trying to catch your eye

I remember that day so clearly
like it was yesterday's memory

Warm September afternoon
face painted devil red
I see you again, I almost swoon
there are horns in my head

singing like a choir
on the school's stage
it was the dawn
of a new age
you play your guitar
and I watched from afar

I remember it all but it's fading away
I wish I could find the words to make them stay

An hour past twelve
in the month of June
I had you for ten months
it all ended so soon

I sung Christmas carols
and you played your guitar
I watched you drive home
in your daddy's old car
I thought there was a chance
I thought there could be romance

I remember how foolish I'd been
falling so easily for your crooked grin

March was just ending
we were all in white
it's a new beginning
and we survive the fight

I wanted tell you
how I felt all those years
all the things left unsaid
and all of my tears
but we parted that morning
and I never said a thing

I remember the sadness and the regret
and that last year is a year that I won't forget
Lara Wan Apr 2015
You're strong
you're a cup of coffee
in the morning.
You're rain
down my window pane

You're sweet
like goodbyes
bitter like
you're like a secret
everyone knows

you're ambition
and you're mine
but not really
not at all
you're a temporary high
and a constant fall

you're truth
but you lie
you're painful
like kisses
like bruises

this could go on
because you're infinity
yet you're limited
you're forever
and yet my friend
you're also the end
Lara Wan Apr 2015
We meet somewhere odd
or somewhere ordinary
it doesn't really matter
what matters is you and me
I don't know you yet
because we've never met
and you don't know me either
but hopefully you will in the future

I'm writing you this letter
and filling it with rhymes
I'm leaving it here
hope you'll find it in time
and when you do please look for me
I'll be waiting patiently

This is my hello
to the love I've yet to know
Lara Wan Apr 2015
Round eyes
chiseled jaw
contagious laugh
perfect flaw
full lips
spiked up hair
you're my
disparate pair
Lara Wan Mar 2015
You tried taking us down but you missed
I tried but I really can't put up with this

Your hair, your eyes
your face, your lies
your breathing
it's annoying me

you say you're sorry
it doesn't show
you tell your story
but we all know

it ain't true
so here's what we're gonna do

we'll turn on the black light
so they can see your stains
it's high time that I fight
and clear up my name
go and look pathetic for the rest of your days
but under the black light we all know that you're fake

you tried to fool us but it didn't work
and you tried seeking sympathy but it only got worse

you spin your lies
like you're spider
you twist the truth
just like a lawyer

but we know you now
and this is how it's gonna go down

we'll turn on the black light
so they can see your stains
it's high time that I fight
and clear up my name
go and try to make us look as bad as you could
but I assure you you'll miserable for good
not love related but what the heck
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