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Lara Wan Apr 2015
Cold August mornings
chairs scraping the floor
early birds singing
chalk marks on the board

Handsome older brother
studying next door
guitar bag on your shoulder
I haven't seen before
I'm looking out the window
as you walk by
did you see me, did you know?
I was trying to catch your eye

I remember that day so clearly
like it was yesterday's memory

Warm September afternoon
face painted devil red
I see you again, I almost swoon
there are horns in my head

singing like a choir
on the school's stage
it was the dawn
of a new age
you play your guitar
and I watched from afar

I remember it all but it's fading away
I wish I could find the words to make them stay

An hour past twelve
in the month of June
I had you for ten months
it all ended so soon

I sung Christmas carols
and you played your guitar
I watched you drive home
in your daddy's old car
I thought there was a chance
I thought there could be romance

I remember how foolish I'd been
falling so easily for your crooked grin

March was just ending
we were all in white
it's a new beginning
and we survive the fight

I wanted tell you
how I felt all those years
all the things left unsaid
and all of my tears
but we parted that morning
and I never said a thing

I remember the sadness and the regret
and that last year is a year that I won't forget

— The End —