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Lane Care Aug 2017
My biggest fear when I get older
Is that my kid will get bullied.
No one knows what truly goes on
In a kid mind.

So, how will I counsel them through it?
How can I be their support system,
To make sure that suicide isn't their only option?

I think I would share with them MY story,
Let them know that Mommy had also been bullied....

And then we would go from there.
Lane Care Jul 2015
I have daddy problem
I wake up fatherless like
Every other African American
Child out there.
Most kids
know where there father is.
They either in jail, remarried or in the cementary.
For me,
I have no idea
Where my old man is.
To be honest,
I really don't give a ****
Most kids hate there father,
They don't give 2 ***** about
I don't hate my father.
He was never there.
So it feels like I never really
Knew him.
How can you expect me to
Barely have feelings for a man that was barely there
To begin with,
And how can I hate a man
That didn't do nothing
But leave me and my mother
To struggle.
He abandon us,
It's his lost.
I got use to him not being
Here that he became nonexisting.
When I see pictures,
I can't really identify him.
All I see is some stranger that's in all my baby pics.
To get myself through the day
I tell myself he was only a
Temporary sitter.
His service was temporary,
His stay was only temporary,
After his deadline it was time for him to skedaddle.
A couple visitation until I was
8 then he became gone with the wind and never came around again.
I have daddy problems?
Nah, I'm fine.
My mom play both roles and I'm ok with that.
Yes times get hard
But there's nothing I can do
About it.
Just live each day as I can.
Forget a father figure.
I'm doing just fine with out him.
Lane Care Nov 2014
Justice for all?
**** near justice for none!
People die everyday,
Because the world can't control their guns
Innocent people die in vain.
If the police do a crime,
Is it ok?
They are suppose to set an example!
If a citizen does a crime,
Is it ok? Is it acceptable?
Do we really have to get arrested?
Cops **** people that seem like a threat.
An innocent person,
An innocent child dies,
Because cops are on some dumb ****!
They feel as though,
Since they're white or the "law"
They can get away with ****!!
If every arrogant ******* did that
Then we might as well
segregate the world
And bring the KKK back.
If we was on that racist *******,
Martin Luther King's dream
Will go down the drain
And the Constitution "establish justice,"
Will now become disdain.
Freedom at last?
More like freedom has past.
Where is the justice we deserve?!
If we keep this up,
We will become,
"land of the coward
and home of the *****"
Or "home of the *******,
That shoot you on the spot
And dont give a **** whos watching!"
Teens die without getting there justice,
And im not talking about,
The ******* teens who *******,
But the ones where they're all
Set for school on monday
And get shot in the head
Before the next morning!
If the govenmrnt is all about education,
Then why are we getting shot
By their racist?!
Where is our justice?
Should we just forget about it
And move on?
I cant sit here
And let our justice be taken
While those *******
Are getting away with ******!!
Im sorry mike
Your justice havent been served.
I pray to god
Those sick ******* get what they deserve!
No family should suffer from their lost
Like they do.
Justice will come,
For those who lost it all.
Lane Care Nov 2014
I love you...
Im not just saying it so it can be spoken
but im saying it to be heard
dont misinterpret my feelings
cuz i mean what i said and i said that i love you.
Give me a minute to explain my feelings for you
cuz you are worth it.
Babygirl Just give me one chance
to make this whole love thing
be an experiance that you been longing for,
thats worth it,
that you been searching for.
ughhh i know your ex wasnt the best
they hurt and misused you,
how could someone make u feel so low
that u become use to it?
Hurt and decieved
lied and mistreated
are feelings u felt
when they walked up and just cheated
or walked up and just left you
standing there all alone
not knowing what to do,
not knowing what to feel,
not knowing who to trust,
just leaving u there with the feeling of hurt.
If words ment something
I would tell u that i love you
and that i will give you the happiness
that u deserve
gaining your trust
not making you feel all alone
in the cold
not knowing where else to go
cuz like i said
your ex wasnt the best
and im not saying im perfect
cuz i will make mistakes too
but i promise
I will never give up on you
baby just know that i got you
Lane Care Nov 2014
Freedom is a word
that makes you think
of the past,
where freedom was trying to be a word,
that everybody needed,
that everybody wanted,
but did we get it?
We had to struggle and fight for it.
With all that work,
we didnt get much.
All we got was:
"Freedom is the state of being free."
Well its better than nothing,
atleast we got something.
Freedom is the state of being free,
freedom is to be free,
freedom is to fight for things that are not free.
Freedom is the state of being free,
freedom is the state of being free...
Its not much,
but its something
Lane Care Aug 2014
How come everytime i turn around
People are worried about others opinion?
How come everytime i turn around
People are dying
Dying cuz they are scared to be themselves
Scared cuz the world is soo cruel
Losing all hope
Dont know what else to do..
Society why
Why Do you implant things in our head
Making us believe
What seem soo real
But its oh so fake
Making us blind
And feeding us with soo many lies
Sociey why
Why are you doing this to us
Taking what we love and live for
To give us something thats filled
With so much hate
Giving us our only option
To give up and die
We have no hope
Society why
Do you make use feel soo little
When we mean so much
Making this world a death trap
We die either way it go
If we dont **** ourselves
Then the world do
Our only safety
Is away from humanity
We shouldnt have to feel
Or live like that
Society why
Do you pay more attention to the rich
And ignore all the poor
Its like a war
Rich against poor
How much more bull
Can we take?
Society why
Are you hiding soo much history
And leaving parts of our brain so empty
Making us believe
What you want us to believe
You try to make us seem dumb
So that no one can "Rebell" against you?
Society is ****** up
Just like the government is
Society why
Are you doing this to us
What happen to peace?
Or love?
Or forming a better union?
All the past activist
Will be very disappoint in you
please give us a break
I dont know how much more people
Can handle
Giving us limited options
Society is a comedian
And the biggest joke is us.
Lane Care Jul 2014
Be orginal
Be you
Love thy self
And be true
Yourself is real
Yourself is cool
Yourself is beautiful
F*ck all the haters
Who try to destroy you
You're orginal
And thats good
You're living life...
For you
Dont please no one else
Besides you
Cause at the end of the day...
Nobody has you
Like you
Uplifting poem for those who lost hope or for those who try to be everything else but them selves. So please get this poem out there
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