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Irrespective of station, be it doctor or pop star,
A singular destiny awaits, beyond the horizon afar.
The temporal journey's end, it shall conceive,
Leaving behind a mere vestige, in memory we believe.
In the grand tapestry of life, where dreams transpire,
All possessions, we hold, briefly do they aspire,
Transient treasures in our transient chest,
A poignant reminder, life's fleeting bequest
I'm sure I've killed things,

but I might not remember them all,

and at the time,

I rationalized the killing.

It's less complicated that way.

The fish, never went to waste.

The flies, need no justification.

That kick I gave the cat

I do feel bad about though.

Sara Fielder © Nov 2023
It's interesting when the person who don't love you, says dont make me to hate you ....
Am i overly sensitive or r PPL too expressive?
Being very much fluent in speaking..
Became fluent in being silent..
Time flies..
 Oct 18 Landon Keys
Jme Love
I Wonder where
I Might wander to
If i had a friend or
two To wander Too
Words make me wonder. They really  make me think. Did i use it right or is it rite? How are we to know that a k in front of n o w will make the sound no but add a w to no and we have now. Thats the easy part. English is hard.
 Jun 22 Landon Keys
where is the line
between optimism
and denial?

my gentle heart
feels a fool
I can tell you about ancient Chinese poetry
But I can't say anything about modern politics.

I learned long ago
The closer you get
To the Dragon's mouth
The more dangerous your life becomes.
 Apr 20 Landon Keys
You said we'd spend tomorrow
but you never told me your

I waited a lifetime

never came
And *******!
To every Republican in the USA.
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