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Landon Keys May 2022
Sometimes I wonder why I wonder why
Then I wonder why it matters.
Then there's you.
You matter.
Landon Keys Mar 23
Oh Fortune
Who has shined on me so
What a fortuitous find
What a fantastic glow
What a ferocious finality
What a future sewn
What a ******* fire
Burning in my soul
Landon Keys Jan 10
Such beauty in phrase
That of, "Cellar door."
But I'd argue, "Hello Lovely."
Is just that and so much more.
Landon Keys Jul 2021
Six years
A house built with rotten wood
Walls crumbling down
It's my breaking heart
Landon Keys Jun 2021
A curious hour, 3am.
No one awake
but the Heartbroken
and Devils of the Night.

A powerful hour, 3am
with a crushing weight
against your soul.

A maddening hour, 3am
bewitching you
with the thoughts
of her.

A bittersweet hour, 3am
No one awake
but the Heartbroken
taking solace in the twilight
Landon Keys Aug 2021
When in your darkest hour
Comes the brightest light
I don't believe in God
But maybe for tonight
If I can muster the faith
It'll be alight
Landon Keys Nov 2021
Yes, you.
You hear it?
That sound, the drumming?
Constant thumping in my chest?
That is the rhythm
Of my love
For you
Landon Keys Jun 2021
There's oil and wine
Rocks amassed on busy streets
Where pleasure molds
A still life
Landon Keys Jan 2022
Silver white
Darkened hold
Being withheld
With what we're told
Stories of plight
Tears and sorrow
Begging God
For another tomorrow

I don't believe in God
But for you I will
Tonight I pray
For your soul to still
Thoughts of Light
Fears to cease
Hope your torment
Be released

I love you. You'll get through this.
Landon Keys Jun 2022
You are the sky above
The earth below
Your gravity holds me
I cannot fly
Yet I am free
You're the flowers
The grass
The trees
You're everything
There is to be
Landon Keys Nov 2020
Ever so often I get the urge to write
not about fun, love, or plight
but just about things that come to mind
things that just feel right
Inside and out
we are all the same
when it boils down to it
no one is innately a bad person
We all see, feel, and hurt
We all fall, jump, and laugh
We all dance
Even if it’s just secretly in our rooms alone
without it being known
Even if we’re bad at it
more than likely we are
and that’s half of what makes it so fun.
Landon Keys Dec 2020
It's 5am
Still awake
Desperation subsided
But still can't see
The world is deafeningly silent
But I'm not tired
At least I should try
I've got the answers
In my cabinet
Landon Keys Jul 2021
I'm going to miss you
Your singing
Your dancing
You pretended to be happy
To make me happy
I'm sorry

I'm going to miss you
Your laugh
Your way of copying my speech
You would come on Wednesdays
Even though you were sad
I'm sorry

I'm going to miss you
Your brownies
And cookies
Things made in love
Trinkets from the store
That were just you thinking of me
I'll never be able to look at my wallet
Or wear my sandals
Without missing you
I'm sorry

I'm going to miss you
Landon Keys Jan 2021
I approached this tree
something was strange about it
Almost as if it pulled me to its location
It was a fruit bearing tree
apples it seemed
But the color of the apples
was like nothing once seen
Against better judgement
I plucked one and ate it
It was the most delicious
tasty treat
When I bit into the apple
It made the world around me
and vivid
It made me happy
I was unaware that such a thing
could bring such great feelings
I ran back home
Got a basket
Came back and plucked enough apples
for a year!
It was the best year..
I ran out of apples
So naturally
I ran back to where I had found them
but when I got there
tree was gone?
I didn't understand how a tree
just left
it confused me
I cut my losses
and assumed life would
return to mediocrity  
I was wrong
The year following
the best year
was the worst year
I longed for another apple
Any other food
made my stomach
It made me sick
soon enough
no other food was appetizing
but I survived
Two years after the best year
one year after the worst
life began to return to normal.
I went grocery shopping
for the first time in two years
I had a good time
I tried some things with different
Life was good.
When I returned from the store
I was putting my goods away
but then
when I opened my cupboard
my basket fell out
and onto the floor rolled
one of the apples
I missed one
I picked it up off the floor
thought about it for the while
went to my window
and tossed it
it landed in my neighbor's
His daughter
who was getting out of her car
walked over and grabbed it
but before I could yell at her not to bite
she did just that
and ate the whole thing
There was something about those apples
normally people wouldn't eat
a purple apple would they?
I felt bad for what I thought would happen to her
after she ate that apple
but it seems
she won the lotto
and moved to France
I must have accidentally
saved the best
for last.
Landon Keys Apr 2022
Is this the end?
The great finale?
If all is quiet and well
I'll believe it then
Though if calamity still lingers
It cannot be so
I'll stay
Until the wrongs have been righted
This is my promise to you
Landon Keys Oct 2021
Gifts of fortune
All in kind
Remove the scourger
From my mind
Her painful torture
Leaves me blind
My soul to nurture
Landon Keys Feb 2022
Just an epiphany
What if I died
Without writing a symphony
That doesn't sit with me
Now it is time to be
But I'm too blind to see
Strangest catastrophe
Far away galaxy
Why are you mad at me

Voice in the fan

I'm not Peter Pan

Landon Keys Feb 2021
The familiar smell
The subtle sound of a drizzle
The bustling people
The sound of a street band in the distance
The memories
The reveries
The realization
The end
Landon Keys Mar 2022
A brief moment of peace
Before losing it all
How underappreciated
Is the serenity
Before the fall
Landon Keys Jan 2021
Today, there's a weight on my soul
A nostalgic burden of corner stones
Foundations and ruined roads
And you know
All could be lifted
With one single, "Hello."
Landon Keys Aug 2022
If my heart, the purse
And currency my love
My dear, you'd see
I'd buy you every star above
Landon Keys Dec 2020
It's 7:24am
Aspirations decided
Visions are clear
The world is benighted
I'm not scared of the dark
At least not this morning
I've got the answers
In my locket
Landon Keys Jun 19
When I die..

Do not mourn
For I now know the secret
The great mystery of the cosmos

Do not mourn
For I now reside
In the great celestial bodies of our night sky

Do not mourn
For in my earthly absence
I gained the immortality of the universe

Do not mourn
Take solace
For I am once again stardust
And I shall mend the hearts of the forlorn and lost
Landon Keys Mar 19
I can so I don't
But I do
Landon Keys Feb 2022
Don't you dare worry about me
I'll be alright
Leave me to my sleepless night
There's no need for us both to be tired again.
Landon Keys Mar 2022
Don't you dare worry about me
Though I know you do
Whenever I send you a song
I'm thinking about you
When you do the same
I know you feel the same
Are we both lying?
Or just me?
Landon Keys Mar 2022
In every seeming way
When I'm with you
Not a thought in my head
Just focused
On admiring you instead
Landon Keys Mar 2022
It's definitely set in
Emotions I cannot beat back
Wondrous expectation
Of a great perhaps
Landon Keys Mar 2022
So now you know
I was in love with you
Before I hit the ground
Don't be sad
It's not your burden
Why'd I tell you?
I really didn't want to
But my heart needed it
I want to disappear
But I don't want to
Is that what you want?
What has this come to?
Landon Keys Mar 2022
Seeping anger
But not at you
Muddled mixture
Of love and logic
Oil and water
Gone and lost it
Landon Keys Mar 2022
A great realization
The first way was right
Just give me some time
And it'll be alright
The bitter sweetness
Of a friendship teetering
On the fence of truth
And needing
Landon Keys Aug 2022
Emotions run deep.
Is it true? Is it right?
Well, I would imagine so.
Though only time will tell.
So, let's wait for the snow.
Landon Keys Jan 2021
When I'm blue
I am sad
When the sky is blue
I am glad
When I'm
Swimming in a big blue ocean
I couldn't be more happy.
When I mix blue
With the color red
I get purple
When I mix sadness
With happiness
I get you
I really like
The color purple.
Landon Keys Jul 2022
I love how the stars in the sky try to imitate the freckles on your skin because the night sky is the only thing that can even come close to matching your beauty
Landon Keys Mar 2022
Fate is a cruel temptress
Those of us that lack the resolve to resist
Wind up in a purgatory
Unable to atone for breaking
Landon Keys Mar 2022
I want to be the tears that fall from your face
The taste of salt on your lips as the journey ends
I want to be the pull of your heartstrings
The melody of restoration
I'll take solace in my ending
As healing you of your sadness
Landon Keys Apr 2022
Yesterday got away from me
Yesterdays tend to do that
Tomorrow we can try again
Or maybe I'll just get a new cat
Landon Keys Nov 2021
Not just a bridge
But a vast expanse
Not a straight line
Wherever, whenever
It is time.
Death is emotionless
But it's not quite the end
What is death?
It's not the finality,
But beginning of eternity.
Response to Naceur Ben Mesbah. Inspired by, and a response to his poem titled 'Death.' All credit to him for the structure and idea.
Landon Keys Feb 2022
I've never choked on my words
The way you gagged me with your wonder
The blessing of spontaneity
The curse of reality
The repercussions of poor choices
I've made so many poor choices
Landon Keys Dec 2020
It's 1:00pm
Alarms ignited
Eyes stuck half shut
The world- one o'clock half struck
I'm not afraid of exhaustion
At least not today
I've got the answers
In my cup
Landon Keys Dec 2020
Another day I wake up
Realizing how absolutely astronomical
It was that we met.
The series of events that had to occur
For us to cross paths-
The eventuality of our friendship.
It's mind boggling.  
You slowed down time.
Your smile dimmed the sun.
Your heart was unmatched in it's ferocity for love.
He destroyed you.
Now you're gone and I've no idea where.
Love you.
I hope you're ok.
Landon Keys Mar 2021
It's 7:37pm
I get to see her tonight
Eyes wide open
The word is busy with itself
But I'm not worried about them
At least not this evening
I've got the answers
In my hands
Landon Keys Apr 24
I wonder and believe,
Through melancholy of fallen leaves.
What is this to me?
The sentiment
Of finality.
Landon Keys Nov 2020
Here I am again
Longing for resolution.
There You go again
Sublimating absolution.
You remember when
We laughed about it then?
I recall now
Thinking naively
In the end.
Here I am again
Content with life's endeavors.
There You go again
Faking lover's fervor?
That tunnel
The stairs
All memories held fair.
Though maybe I should admit I know
I always knew you'd eventually go.
Landon Keys Sep 2021
Good morning, Lovely!
How did you sleep?
I hope the night's rest
Carried the worry away

Good afternoon, Darling!
Have you eaten yet?
I read that a salad
Is best for stress these days

Good night, Beautiful!
It was a great day,
Talking to you my friend.
In the morrow
I'd love to borrow
Your time again.
Landon Keys Oct 2021
It need not be logical
So long as it's magical
Landon Keys Feb 2021
The reasons for being
Never seem to disappoint
However, the World is round
And there is no point
Landon Keys Apr 28
I've always wondered
What life would have been like with you
But today I woke up
A little angry
A little sad
I've decided I'm tired
Of a memory I've never had
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