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2.1k · Nov 2021
La Universa
Landon Keys Nov 2021
The vastness and beauty of the cosmos
Pales in comparison
To the utter magnitude of your wonderful soul  

"We are all made of stardust!"

Never believed it until I met you.
1.3k · Aug 2021
Landon Keys Aug 2021
"You're beautiful."
"Oh please, I didn't even try and look cute today."
"Not your hair, your soul."
1.1k · Nov 2021
Landon Keys Nov 2021
Not just a bridge
But a vast expanse
Not a straight line
Wherever, whenever
It is time.
Death is emotionless
But it's not quite the end
What is death?
It's not the finality,
But beginning of eternity.
Response to Naceur Ben Mesbah. Inspired by, and a response to his poem titled 'Death.' All credit to him for the structure and idea.
974 · Jul 2021
Landon Keys Jul 2021
I will always cherish you
No matter the pain you cause
The strong have no business being cruel
That is the errand of the weak
883 · Jun 2021
Incase of Emergency
Landon Keys Jun 2021
Incase of Emergency
Open the..
Ah, who am I kidding.
It's been open since the day you left.
760 · May 2022
Let me
Landon Keys May 2022
Let me bring you flowers
Let me have your time
Let me know you now
Let me be your light

Let me cook you dinner
Let me rub your feet
Let me see you here
Let me be your peace

Let me tenderly surrender
Let me give myself
Let me try forever
Let me prove oneself

Let me love you
633 · Jun 2021
Landon Keys Jun 2021
It's days like this
It's worth remembering
It's not the end of the world
It's the bittersweet beginning
615 · May 2022
Landon Keys May 2022
The great realization
Comedy is the remedy
It doesn't take much
601 · Jul 2021
Landon Keys Jul 2021
I know what you mean..
It's not the things you do..
or where you are..
it's just..
..the BEING.
568 · Aug 2021
Landon Keys Aug 2021
Reasons why I love you?
                   Well, here you are.
             Here I Am?
564 · Jul 2022
Landon Keys Jul 2022
I love how the stars in the sky try to imitate the freckles on your skin because the night sky is the only thing that can even come close to matching your beauty
539 · Jun 2021
Landon Keys Jun 2021
A curious hour, 3am.
No one awake
but the Heartbroken
and Devils of the Night.

A powerful hour, 3am
with a crushing weight
against your soul.

A maddening hour, 3am
bewitching you
with the thoughts
of her.

A bittersweet hour, 3am
No one awake
but the Heartbroken
taking solace in the twilight
525 · Mar 2022
Landon Keys Mar 2022
Can I see it?
Your heart.
Let me look into your eyes.
Nothing much can hide there.
520 · Jul 21
Landon Keys Jul 21
I see it in your smile
I see it on your face
I feel it in your touch
I feel it on your skin
I hear it in your laugh
I hear it on your chest
I smell it in your hair
I smell it on your breath
I taste it in your kiss
I taste it on your lips
All my senses tell me
My heart knows how to feel
With all my being I know
My love for you is real
473 · Jun 2021
Landon Keys Jun 2021
Who are we really
Wrought broken souls
Searching for that last corner piece
What are you going to do
With the weight of the world
Stuck on the precipice of life and death.
453 · Mar 2022
Chapter 5
Landon Keys Mar 2022
So now you know
I was in love with you
Before I hit the ground
Don't be sad
It's not your burden
Why'd I tell you?
I really didn't want to
But my heart needed it
I want to disappear
But I don't want to
Is that what you want?
What has this come to?
446 · Jul 2021
Landon Keys Jul 2021
Six years
A house built with rotten wood
Walls crumbling down
It's my breaking heart
440 · Mar 2022
It is what it is
Landon Keys Mar 2022
I'm not mad
I'm not sad
I just am
It is what it is
399 · Aug 2021
Landon Keys Aug 2021
I am the people.
You are the trees.
I am the monkey.
You are the bees.
I am the sun.
You are the breeze.
I am the war.
You are the peace.
394 · Sep 23
Landon Keys Sep 23
Few things in this life
That I truly adore
My children
And petrichor
393 · Jan 2022
Landon Keys Jan 2022
If you listen closely
You can hear
The strands of my heart tear
Not only because you're not here
But because I do not know where
382 · Oct 2021
Not sure
Landon Keys Oct 2021
Love is Nature
Violent, beautiful, and necessary
379 · Nov 2021
Tender Surrender
Landon Keys Nov 2021
I want to love you
Is that okay to say?
It's just the way you look at me baby
Has me feeling some type of way
I know it's new
But I knew it when I saw you
377 · Nov 2021
Landon Keys Nov 2021
The crushing weight of uncertainty
Can certainly be
The end of me
But why lie beneath
The lies and heat
We've lived and died
In subtlety
You're ripening
Now it's time to see
Him playing for pipe and string
He's not the type to sing

Hanging from the rafters.
350 · Jan 2022
Landon Keys Jan 2022
The one person I want to talk to
has abandoned all communication
seemingly out of nowhere
and without reason

I do not understand and my heart hurts.
320 · Aug 16
Landon Keys Aug 16
Starlight gleaming from your celestial eyes
Highlighting my perilous existence
Save me
I pray thee
Let me not fall to darkness
Not again
293 · Apr 2022
A promsie
Landon Keys Apr 2022
Is this the end?
The great finale?
If all is quiet and well
I'll believe it then
Though if calamity still lingers
It cannot be so
I'll stay
Until the wrongs have been righted
This is my promise to you
292 · Jul 2021
Landon Keys Jul 2021
I'm going to miss you
Your singing
Your dancing
You pretended to be happy
To make me happy
I'm sorry

I'm going to miss you
Your laugh
Your way of copying my speech
You would come on Wednesdays
Even though you were sad
I'm sorry

I'm going to miss you
Your brownies
And cookies
Things made in love
Trinkets from the store
That were just you thinking of me
I'll never be able to look at my wallet
Or wear my sandals
Without missing you
I'm sorry

I'm going to miss you
292 · Aug 2022
Landon Keys Aug 2022
If my heart, the purse
And currency my love
My dear, you'd see
I'd buy you every star above
271 · Sep 5
Landon Keys Sep 5
As we acquiesce
To the depressed of society
I try my best
To digress from propriety
Unlike the rest
To impress Gaiety
I undress
To caress anxiety
Pitter patter
244 · Nov 4
Landon Keys Nov 4
I can love you
I can feel the vibe
But the answer is no
I can love you
But you'll never be her
And to you that's not fair
I'd rather be alone
Then cause another single tear
241 · Mar 2022
Landon Keys Mar 2022
Sling me from your trebuchet
Launch me into oblivion
I don't want to be near you anymore
Not because I hate you
But because loving you is too much
For my soul to bear
236 · Sep 2021
Landon Keys Sep 2021
The world is round; it has no point.
Don't harp on that minor chord- simply cherish, "I remember."
and keep walking.
234 · May 2021
Landon Keys May 2021
Whenever I think that I am lost
I think about to vast emptiness of our universe
and then..
I know I am.
228 · Nov 5
Loving you is easy
Landon Keys Nov 5
To me
Loving you is easy
I think more about breathing

You are not hard to love
Simply because you feel

Not loving you
Is the true

I love you loudly
I love you proudly


To me
Loving you is easy
227 · Aug 2021
Landon Keys Aug 2021
Grievous and unhealable
That which was my life
Was nothing
But an axe wound

And now it's curious
And without reason
That because of you
I can still smile
223 · Nov 7
When you see me
Landon Keys Nov 7
"What do you think when you look at me?"

"That I feel safe.. Like I can breathe. My gaze always pauses extra long on your eyes, and I want to run my hands through your hair and beard."

"My eyes are simply a reflection of yours."
216 · Dec 2021
Landon Keys Dec 2021
Sometimes you worry
Sometimes you don't
Sometimes you cry
Sometimes you won't
We are all human
It's okay to feel
If it's true to you
I promise it's real
215 · Apr 28
Landon Keys Apr 28
I've always wondered
What life would have been like with you
But today I woke up
A little angry
A little sad
I've decided I'm tired
Of a memory I've never had
214 · Oct 2021
Landon Keys Oct 2021
It need not be logical
So long as it's magical
211 · Jun 2021
Landon Keys Jun 2021
There's oil and wine
Rocks amassed on busy streets
Where pleasure molds
A still life
204 · Feb 2022
Chapter 1
Landon Keys Feb 2022
Don't you dare worry about me
I'll be alright
Leave me to my sleepless night
There's no need for us both to be tired again.
204 · Aug 2021
Landon Keys Aug 2021
Sometimes I wander
Deeper to the city
Velvet streets and
Brimstone corner stores
Silent, contemplative
Sacred Simplicity
201 · Jun 2021
Landon Keys Jun 2021
Far reaching
Never near
Never clear
Ever fear The Faithful
200 · Aug 2022
Colder Weather
Landon Keys Aug 2022
Emotions run deep.
Is it true? Is it right?
Well, I would imagine so.
Though only time will tell.
So, let's wait for the snow.
200 · Nov 2021
Inter Caelum et Infernum
Landon Keys Nov 2021
Trapped in this infernal purgatory
At least I have you.
Thus, while my skin sears
So does my heart.
197 · Mar 2022
Chapter 4
Landon Keys Mar 2022
It's definitely set in
Emotions I cannot beat back
Wondrous expectation
Of a great perhaps
194 · Aug 2022
Landon Keys Aug 2022
I haven't written in a while
For I've not been sad
The love of my life
Fell in my lap

It's a weird feeling
that is, appreciation
For all you do for me
It's reciprocation

You are wonderful
You are worth it
At least to me
You are perfect
193 · Mar 2022
In Partes Tres
Landon Keys Mar 2022
Vita mea est divisa in partes tres

Pars una est amare
Pars duae est lacrimare
Pars tres est mori
192 · Jan 2022
Landon Keys Jan 2022
Amidst the uncertainty of Gods and Devils
One might proclaim
The only things certain in life
Are Anger, Hope, and Pain
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