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Love is meant to be a

everything turns into nothingness
when arrives death
you see your loved one go
gone as in forever
lost as in forever
you can hug them
no more
you can talk to them
no more
you can't even bid them goodbye
all you can do is keep them
in your memories
in your heart
in your soul.
When I am gone:
Will I be down patted?
Or will I not?
When I am gone:
I don't want my dearests
To sing sad songs
I don't want them to put
The garlands.
I want them to be unable to summon up the bitter I spoke.
Please forget the times of grudge.
But remember that of in-joke.
Don't cry for it isn't the final goodbye.
Don't remember me forever.
But even for a moment.
I want to be dredged up as unleashed as wind.
As true as a kid.
When we come to this world,
We are as lonely as a cloud.
When we go from this world
We are as lonely as a cloud.
And in between:
'All the world's a stage.
And all men and women merely players.
They have their exits and entrances.'
Hence, my dearests:
This isn't the final goodbye.
So, don't cry.
We'll meet when you too
Will come to your final home.
Where you'll freely fly
I know I am expected to behave the best.
But sorry! I am not like the rest!
I am expected to look pretty
Since I wake up.
But sorry! I don't all the time wanna hide behind make-up.
I don't mind breaking a nail
While playing like a guy,
Rather getting a pedicure.
I don't mind walking in sneakers than heels high!
I don't mind when they don't like the real me.
But I mind faking it
Just to become a sugar lump.
I mind if you randomly judge me,
For I ain't perfect.
I don't mind using revile and abusive words
For someone who perfectly deserves it!
But I mind backbiting and hurting someone just for jest!
I don't mind getting a silly scar,
While playing cricket.
But I mind if you randomly judge me
For I ain't perfect.
Eyelids heavy
So hard to breathe
Struggling to stay awake
Darkness closes in
Body limp and lifeless
Everything is grey
Disconnected from reality
Numb from the drugs
Tears streaming down
Past years catch up
Succumb to the pain
Muting the sound
Flashing red and blue
People everywhere
Screaming and crying
So sad and tragic
Drugs take her away
As she lays dying
I have not cut into my skin
In three long years
I didn't need to feel the pain
When I had your words
Your cruel words
Carving into my skin

In between bliss
Stood the cold heartbreak

The words that will always haunt me

The looks that will always shatter

No I do not need a knife

I have your words to slice through me.
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