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Jun 2020 · 101
Star Fliers
K Mae Jun 2020
I went while dark to see what stars might shine to me
but fireflies came close enchantingly
my vision needs be here not there
to see these fairy flitters, star fliers flashing green
pulsing out of time and space
to birth a startling burst of joy
a laugh so pure and fragile
an exhale, only, to begin
again to live in awe
Mar 2019 · 373
Snake Goddess
K Mae Mar 2019
Desert thirsts for you, for me
embodied living energy
above and underground
go find the water, find it deep
we think of death but only sleep
illusions losing ground
undulations resonate
a call to follow now
Mar 2019 · 234
As I am mine
K Mae Mar 2019
Pulled to kneeling
By assaults of worry.
I surrender.
Receive this blessing.
You are the power for yourself.
As I am mine.
Mar 2019 · 170
Holy Grail
K Mae Mar 2019
Holy Grail
I drink from you
Faith beyond knowing
Mar 2019 · 238
K Mae Mar 2019
blurred non edges
directional lines now waver
melding with uncertainty
biding time, abiding self
in bog darkened depths
warily inviting what shall emerge
Mar 2019 · 170
Fear is no Wisdom Path
K Mae Mar 2019
Inevitable movement
follows inscrutable pathways
within boundless unknown.
Admit any possibility with courage.
Of this I am sure :
Fear is no Wisdom path.
Mar 2017 · 3.6k
K Mae Mar 2017
crested crag-spines rising
bones fierce of ancient dragons
calling out to Naga

Bloom  feminine essence, Flow !
Feed my ancient undulations

wearied now to hills
sighing down with last exhaled
memory of color
washed, washed,
baked by endless sun
Jan 2017 · 574
impossible angles
K Mae Jan 2017
these mountains

bare bones rising
sharp subtle silent
stratified waves of color
crumble into gifts I can hold

your legs
strong, furred, angled against mine

your mountainness
impossibly I am held
Jan 2017 · 684
at desert edge, what sound
K Mae Jan 2017
owl call gliding over all
coyotes feeding yips and howls
all this expressed now I can sleep
but for jangling metal flagpole
careless winds that raise
my wariness of flags
Sep 2016 · 4.5k
K Mae Sep 2016
You are
evolving mystery
exquisite vexing partner
all potential
streams through you
and back through you returns

No matter the illusion
we dance with you
Sep 2016 · 644
K Mae Sep 2016
long arms flying
hands deftly slicing air
with voice a hearty volume
entranced by this world

how calm my sphere would be
without your sparking fire

reluctantly I thank you for
Feb 2016 · 438
no lie
K Mae Feb 2016
I am author
you my poem, arisen,
my informant
fleshing truth
on this life  
epic without hero
no lie between the lines
Feb 2016 · 7.5k
Crescent moon haiku
K Mae Feb 2016
Crescent moon
I am full with void
touching light
Nov 2015 · 543
without you
K Mae Nov 2015
I drink wine
til I stumble
eat chocolate til I'm full
of anything but you
Nov 2015 · 558
mother and son
K Mae Nov 2015
bound by blood
in  archetypal constraint
don't dismiss this power
but lovers meet now
baring teeth
soul to soul
forging truth
in present time
come what may
Nov 2015 · 993
the chosen path
K Mae Nov 2015
intending Walkabout
with personal creations all acrumble as we move
our long held sacred stories  shown untrue
but let us go
the dreaming muscle will sustain
beauty consciousness entrain
unknown need not submit to fears
the demons not to rule
with baggage left behind us
we can swing a freedom dance
lessons need not bear a whip
we may just ride creatorship
trust love to rise above the mask
and find we're worthy of no task
and suffering just may not after all
*be the chosen path
Nov 2015 · 972
in stasis
K Mae Nov 2015
much I would say to you
but lacking courage I am sure
you will not  hear
so we remain apart
presumed safe
in stasis  
our loss
Nov 2015 · 334
but later
K Mae Nov 2015
and at night
when we might take
or give comfort
we think instead of time and the morrow
feeling desire,  I know I am alive
but later, perhaps later
Nov 2015 · 557
K Mae Nov 2015
you were full
ready to spill
as was I
pouring into darkness

now half gone
moon and I
when you refill
shall I ?
Oct 2015 · 1.2k
see through loss
K Mae Oct 2015
leaves are fallen ~ open view to stars
So must I see
through loss
Aug 2015 · 649
Beloved, go to sleep.
K Mae Aug 2015
I come close, craving and cradling
when you sleep
half awake, your words sweet, edges blurred

    But awake  
your voice so loud
shakes my world
arms jabbing all akimbo
building what you fear
your words cannot transmit.

Beloved, go to sleep.
Aug 2015 · 1.5k
the dam breaks
K Mae Aug 2015
the dam breaks
this pressure
let it burst
dance with chaos
barriers be ******
strong erections crumble
surrendered to unknown
Aug 2015 · 2.7k
K Mae Aug 2015
so many words
yet not enough
to breathe with scented wind
see colors and the space defined
in fractal symmetry
our footfalls on the path
this mind is full of pulsing me
with words push your way in
I flood and overflow
don't stop this
spilling where I am
Aug 2015 · 660
death upon us
K Mae Aug 2015
the fact of his leaving
not understood, but surely no mistake
one more eddy in the sad river
one brother less
we are left being what he could not be
journey unsolved
Jun 2015 · 785
as only I
K Mae Jun 2015
words and color swirls and stains
creating folds in space
  portray perception
glimpsing now
as only
I can see
so paint it out
following curves
all  just a play for me
Jun 2015 · 1.3k
who the lover
K Mae Jun 2015
who is it now who loves me
who changes tune for every feast
of every new curve learned
who echoes deeply as I howl
responds to shimmies and the luster
sliding all along the rim
I like to think it's all of from him
but peering over edges I can see
who shines a light in darkness
It Is Me
May 2015 · 558
Lose belief in loss
K Mae May 2015
with intention to expand undefined
with goal of freedom
Imagine loss   Consider joy
    Loose the grip   Soothe the mind
   Lose belief in loss
May 2015 · 391
swore not
K Mae May 2015
swore not to do this dance again
the rhythm matters more than words
we cannot catch don't even try
we're falling off the stage
the finches flew
the cat is fat
there's hunger before dawn
the rocky trail both wet and dry
just follow hollow laugh and cry
May 2015 · 417
if tasks should end
K Mae May 2015
it is too late for tasks
said he
thus causing me
to question my reason my being
I  wonder
who I could be
if not for problems and solutions
or if tasks should end before I do
May 2015 · 1.3k
dream come true
K Mae May 2015
he has now appeared
bringing that which I desire
traits you've buried
under serious distraction

appearing in supportive role
our invocations answered
*creators who play such a game
are called in ready or not
Apr 2015 · 417
under cover
K Mae Apr 2015
silent cover
revealing that
I'd rather not see
playing hiding I am
like a child like a cat twitching tail
believing I'm safe shh-sh-shh under cover
Apr 2015 · 623
K Mae Apr 2015
He says
I believe
I create
though phrases elude
just inhale this moment's aroma so fleeting
now detoured to no known path
dance then in freefall
the grounding unseen
*sounding wordless exhale
Nov 2014 · 1.1k
knowing nothing
K Mae Nov 2014
as you create a blazing path
  and offer all you are
       for all that is rejoicing         
          how precious life is

knowing nothing I see you
       living as you must 
          raw and true
        volcanic heart awareness            
      embracing and embraced
                 by unknown
                     the partner true
Nov 2014 · 763
that bruised place
K Mae Nov 2014
quite small, really
but open to depths
never closed since first shock
awareness being here
with no encoded response
from flesh dusted wild pulse
expressing just what is
open    as one   as all    is one
already manifest
uniquely not comfortable  
welcome  not  known
nowhere  to  hide  being  now
I would love to share this with you with my voice as balm and rhythm
Nov 2014 · 1.1k
flowers have ceased blooming
K Mae Nov 2014
so plant myself in earth
  lie with weariness relaxed
    with nothing to uphold
      being totally embraced
        fullfilled at last engaged
             longing complete
                 nothing to ask
Nov 2014 · 447
common perversity #1005
K Mae Nov 2014
miss you dear
til you are near
then push, push away
Oct 2014 · 808
Blazon Son
K Mae Oct 2014
walking hearts the long way
up mountains
down mud ice rock
carrying anima
and animal as needed
with intent sensitive agility
and brilliant sullen creation
beyond my comprehension
walking bliss walking
no where home
no lack
I hold the needs
as you walk free
Oct 2014 · 2.1k
K Mae Oct 2014
wary of sharp edges
magnets north to north
        and south to south
              our weariness abides
           long the view through loves lens
               seduced by wisping innuendo
               cunningly untrue
                                         stubbornly we here remain
                                                           the spark to see us through
Oct 2014 · 3.6k
mother line
K Mae Oct 2014
gone so long
fine memories line
your beauty face adored
paltry company by now
the made doll with her tight red smile
no secrets will divulge
pretty blue eyes held so wide
by violent stitches black
no blinking now and no excuse
the truth is all revealed
as the lie was all reviled
but once it was a simple sharing
blood along the line
mother strength to daughter
from she to me to mine
musing with the doll made by grandmother for her daughter....
Oct 2014 · 1.2k
father shine
K Mae Oct 2014
father shined his shoes
we ironed handkerchiefs
by the dozen shirt collars
underwear so white and loose
child noise song not allowed
we did not know he missed being
artist bad boy free
sole beloved of his woman
now mothering too many
his own left too soon
the boy to hurt forever
to pass that truth along
as best he could
Oct 2014 · 491
full belly hiding
K Mae Oct 2014
full belly hiding
or belt it out the danger
lies with feline longing
through the heat
find the mate
apparently content
but it's kindness less than free
claw the covers honestly
grateful for the cost
Oct 2014 · 502
laughing mirror
K Mae Oct 2014
oh yes I am come to see me
locking on
engaged recognition
tasting this crazed particularity
and give it up for laughter
deep from bellies
catching breath as if we can
look again and laugh from deeper
no explanation
we are mirrors on this wavelength
who know at last it is pointless to judge
my friend, who also cuts her hair at midnight, steps out of her car to greet me....
Sep 2014 · 520
K Mae Sep 2014
on the line
after all these years
your skivvies hang
now crotch forward
ever hopeful
K Mae Sep 2014
I dream at will
both asleep and awake
swirling all colors  
delighting all
who happen to dance on my path
Sep 2014 · 892
K Mae Sep 2014
when Mimi died
I stayed in my state  
dug in the earth
loving her well
looking skyward
to see comet beauty
true face of owl
body papoose wrapped
*birth I celebrate
Mimi and Meme, common names for grandma in Ameri-French families
Jul 2014 · 487
Cat and I
K Mae Jul 2014
We miss you too much
Cat and I
He agreed to run these first crises through his body
I do not know what is next.
Jul 2014 · 781
Blazon Cat
K Mae Jul 2014
fur sheen black as skin is pink
        eyes unnatural green glow
who rubs against our legs and stays
     tail wrapped in ownership around
intelligence honed by games razor sharp
whose lungs fill with fluid now like an old smoking man
               and must be given drugs
         and must be slept with
      for he must not die ignored
                             my heart aches with his
Blazon, a form of poetry from french culture, grown from the list
Blazon, a structure for stream of consciousness
Jul 2014 · 640
I ask
K Mae Jul 2014
in a moment of safety
securely unknown
I ask
what value the scarring hard earned
and when I surrender
what harm that I've lost my edge
since I know nothing
what of the wisdom
I blindly vow to share
timely or timeless
a breath of the essence
nourishing fragrance of care
Jul 2014 · 1.0k
K Mae Jul 2014
years together
assume naught to discover
yet this very day
we've been never this way
presently changing
beyond rearranging
perhaps you don't recognize me
and  who  
are  you ?
Jun 2014 · 1.4k
blue heron
K Mae Jun 2014
for you, my friend
I practice attention
mesmerized by dignity
memorize a likeness
unified beauty
blue heron
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