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 Oct 11 K Mae
The silence between
Each word we say
Each note we play..
Sleep between dreams..
Attention to gaps
Or rather..falling into
The recognizing
Our Home..the placeless
Place..from which we
Have never departed...
 Oct 11 K Mae
I ask you moon
what good does it do
losing sleep regretting
all of the stupid ****
you did, time wasted
when I could be listening
to the wind whispering
poems in my sleeping head
instead of thinking about
my own death, hell, I may
as well be writing my name
in the water, my prayers
to women knowing they
can never be read, any way
I go, I’ll go in peace because
these words, I know, will be
unknown, so let the waves
take away what they will
let the tide say that I tried
I lived, I loved, I swam
a long **** time; I tired.
 Mar 19 K Mae
And as drops of blue drip down her cheeks
Bearing the weight of a deeper loss
She notices a hidden reflection within them
That she, herself, forgot to love
So far away
The shooting
The killing

So close
The anger
The hatred

Viral scenes
Confront us
If we click
If we open our eyes

Who is our fellow traveler
If not you
Both near and far

Produce stuff
Consume it all
For tomorrow
We may die

Some gain
More and more

Others do more
With less

What does
It mean

Fluff, excess
Surrounds us

The question is
Not who is dying
Rather the question is

What is dying
Is it
The planet

Here we roam
Beneath the shroud
 Mar 19 K Mae
SE Reimer

when eve’ning calls
the day to end,
and steals away
beloved friend;
naught for holding,
naught for love;
only yearning,
for what was.
once where pillows,
cradled heads;
swallows tears,
wept on their bed.
once the soil,
on paths two walked;
turned to dust,
beneath a rock.
within each tear,
the salty sting;
a silent sob,
the daylight brings.
lips that spoke,
in loving notes;
that kissed each dawn,
with healing hope;
mem’ries now,
a silent voice;
whispered prayer,
a stifled choice.
these the trail,
of loving well;
leavings of
a lover’s tell!


post script.

“brother-in-law”... when a beloved sister loses her battle, what becomes of that word?  do the words drift apart as the hyphens are disbanded?  and what of the light that once added brilliance?  is it forever fractured?

thirty-nine years is a trail long walked; a tale colored by hues both light and dark.  a loss such is his, is to me inconceivable; i believe i would choose death instead.

 Jan 31 K Mae
SE Reimer

she made this trip without me,
just last Sunday afternoon;
embarking unexpectedly,
she her leave took far too soon.

her kennel still is in my car,
here her spirit lives in part;
’neath her throw, her bed... my heart
my hopes she never wanders far.

comfort comes in many shapes,
in sizes... unpredictably;
a heart entwined will skip a beat,
her absence leaves me incomplete.

i knelt beside to offer comfort,
her sleep’s relief came far too quick;
once protector, now deliverer,
for this my heart is ill equipped.

yet she, my loss a need fulfilled,
now her pain my bitter pill;
and so i lean to say goodbye,
my whispered thanks, a lullaby.

comfort comes in many shapes,
in sizes... unpredictably;
in presence fills a hole unique,
yet mem’ry's loss, is bitter sweet.

post script.

a six-pound, furry ball of love, she was a god-send after our son’s loss, and her warmth filled out hearts.  almost eight years with us, we are not resentful of her departure, only all the more mindful of the tenuous nature of life and grateful for heaven-sent comforts in every form.
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