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off the roof  


(C) 1/16/2016
 Nov 2015 Joe Wilson
Isaac Peña
This one goes to the real poets.
To those who decide to carry the world on their own.
To those who carry hell in their head and a graveyard of lost love stories in their heart
To the brave ones who fight darkness with darkness.
Tho those who the only answer they seek from a god is if there's eternal life for their loved ones, because they know there's no space for them in that paradise.
To those who know that suffering is the most humane feeling there is.
To those who loved and hated the wrong person.
This goes to Lorca isolated, hiding in a closet in New York.
To Unamuno craving to believe in something impossible.
To Quiroga drinking the poison of his sorrow at a hospital.
To Becquer and Espino for dying so young.
To Neruda for cheating on himself so many times.
To Machados' lost spirit.
To Marquez and his melancholic ******.
To Poe's tormented soul and his raven.
To Shakespeare and his Juliet.
To Dante and his story of woe.
This goes for the only beings who can live with a hell inside of them, and still manage to write heavenly things for those in need to read.
This one's for us.
I really think
that it is just a sin.
That when there is trouble
The Big Boys join in.

They all come across
saying that they'll make a change
and then somebodys World
they will then rearange.

The US and Russia
along with us Brits
don't want it that way
so we blow it to bits.

We give guns to him,
supply arms to another.
Then we sit back and watch
as Brother kills Brother.

Who are we to guide?
Who are we to preach.
When we cling on to their assets
like a blood ******* leach.

We should leave others alone
till our own house is done,
yet we watch as our schools
become run by the gun.

Where now it's the norm
to be shot as we learn,
just as long as big commerce
is able to earn.

Those who should know better
don't know how to behave
Happy to see
another Child in a Grave.

So you Big Boys go elsewhere
because it's well known
that if you come to play
you come armed with a Drone.

While you're sitting back
comfy in your armchair.
You can relentlessly ****
from a place that's not there.

Then when you pull the plug
and remove your devices
we are faced with a problem
of people making bad choices.

We have made problems worse!
We have let people down
and when we get a world crisis
we'll react with a frown.

We don't want them here.
They cannot go there.
A whole host of humanity
who is welcome Nowhere.

We created this problem!
We created this way.
So in the future
keep The Big Boys away.
3rd October 2015
© Copyright Christopher K Bayliss 2014
 Aug 2015 Joe Wilson
you don't understand how long some people have been here
you don't understand the changes we've seen
you don't understand how much we've longed for the people to
be who they be
you don't understand how it breaks our hearts
to see such infighting
bought to our world from other pages
used to back biting
you don't understand, for us
that have believed from the start
that Hello Poetry was once a place
where we always laid our heart
we gave over our life to this place
we endured every change
when you see something different here
know we have suffered more than this strange
once upon a time
in an awesome time and place
when people googled

they found this space
they found inspiration
they found laughter that never ends
they found confidantes and a place
to plant
a never ending garden of friends
So if you're from another site
drawn here by the skin of tooth
sit a while in our midnight garden
and I'll speak to you a truth

Hello Poetry has been my best friend
for over 5 years, and all the friends
I've found on here, they've danced beneath my laugh, and held onto me so tight
that if I ever fall so wrong, they'll make
it all right

And that's the saddest thing
about Hello Poetry today...
is that most don't try
to make true friends
really real friends
or interact with them
in any meaningful way
Honestly, in over 5 years I've seen it all, every single change, the arguments, the kisses, the makeups, the losses and the successes... what I really hate to see is the pettiness, the juvenile and puerile ugliness that escapes from another shore, only to find themselves washed upon our beach.... Sorry, we roast such sorry carcasses, then we eat!

26/08/2015 - I am truly stoked to see this as the Daily and humbled but so very proud by the comments and sharing of my heartfelt desire for you all to see HP as I do.... Home. Thank you everyone :)
 Aug 2015 Joe Wilson
she may hurt, but she is not pain.
she may fail, but she is not a failure.
she may be tragic, but she is not tragedy.

*she may feel worthless,
but this, too, will pass.
so it's always worth reminding people (i.e. myself) that just because you feel something in the moment doesn't mean that it's permanent. an emotion is an instant, no matter how long the ache lasts, and an instant cannot define you.

(thanks for the daily!)
Beat the rhythm
empty hand,
Iron cast chains
rattles command.

Ol' Boss Hogg,
baton raised
Self righteous fool
has need of praise.

In order that
he gain acclaim,
thinks with hate,
acts with shame.

Human beings,
ships hold stacked
with those once free.

Bodies piled
upon high
you will not see
the strong ones die.

Scars embedded
on their backs
chained and shackled
to the racks.

We deal in branded
breathing stock,
Unload black vassal
from our docks.

Beat the rhythm
empty hands.
Iron cast chains
in far off lands.

We keep our skivvy,
wired hair blacks.
We work them hard,
we score their backs.

They do for us,
they work the field.
Grow the cotton,
pick the yield.

Keep the body,
take the mind.
Labour whatever's
left behind.

And if demeanour
does ever flinch.
We'll introduce you
Willie Lynch.

Beat the rhythm.
Empty hands
Iron cast chains.
Unfair demands.

Beat the rhythm,
shackled feet.
We take their worst
but can't be beat.
Anybody know who Willie Lynch was? Anybody? Raise your hand. No one? He was a vicious slave owner in the West Indies. The slave-masters in the colony of Virginia were having trouble controlling their slaves, so they sent for Mr. Lynch to teach them his methods. The word "lynching" came from his last name. His methods were very simple, but they were diabolical. Keep the slave physically strong but psychologically weak and dependent on the slave master. Keep the body, take the mind.  (Melvin B Tolson)

19th  July 2015
© Copyright Christopher K Bayliss 2014
 Jul 2015 Joe Wilson
 Jul 2015 Joe Wilson
She leaves me
with secret flowers

each has
a broken heart

and purple petals
for me to hide

and memories
I can't ....
 Apr 2015 Joe Wilson
And so here we are
Page after page
Hearts on fire
Exposing parts unseen
Beneath harden surfaces
Wounds unclean
Broken still we dream
On and on we pen
And so we breathe again
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