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acacia 3d
Sometimes these trees look absolutely terrifying, in the succumbed darkness, in the shadows, in plain sight. With their branches shining smugly through my doors, my windows; the way it moves, the way it twitches. Something of these trees and their branches is watching me, and I feel their eyes every second of the living day, and in the hours of the sleeping night.
acacia 3d
It hurts me more than it hurts you.

Rub the center, do you see that?

I am more attached than you.

This is why I won’t be answering you.
acacia 3d
Call me evil all you want; tell me your rawest feelings .
I love breaking your heart; evoke the mind within.
I want to see you crawl over the polished floors; be more desperate
come to me; come to her.
Adhere you back with PVA; basting stitch over your heart.
You must not want me then; I don't think I could ever relate.
Keep bouncing over there; over hill tops.
Did you think I wouldn't know?; my cards tell me what's on your mind.
You know I knew, might as well let it all through; wish I could hold your hand.
The type to write your name in this sigil; the type to write my name in grafiti.
Hold a gas mask over the air and let it resist; he [you. yeah, you] keeps the waves at knee-high [length].
here you go, again, obsessing over them when you have me; my dear, it hurts me more than you'd understand.
acacia Apr 7
Everyone has the most feral of dreams to hang on to, to linger around — we stink of these dreams.
and i’m here in here too
in this panting you see
with birds over the wall
and bees hiding in bushes
i am over the rainbow
and between this bench and i go
through the fence
my heart lingers here
and flowers continue to grow

you flow and snake into my dreams
and you take hold of the poison holding me
and you see the world for who it is
you continue to kiss each blade of grass
as you kneel on one boney knee
and you don’t even bruise
your skin is the most supple
the most velvet
the most intimate
coil around my arm
nuzzle into my vellum
kiss the smooth stone on my cheeks

taste the coconuts that linger
around my skin
coconuts orbit like you
like planets and like stars
and you don’t question it
it is apart of your nature
and apart of mine
and apart of yours
there’s nothing stopping us now
you coil like a tendril, a green tendril...
acacia Apr 7
Do you know where we can go to see
these lights?
I mean the spirits; the energies around me; the celestial bodies floating through “space”, through their locked dimension — you know the code; you have their key. Teach me how to go there, how to get there, how to feel in there, how to
travel into their plane—
the static river flowing from your veins
and out into ribs —
the love you put into the ground.
The energy you pull into you
from the Earth, beyond our Earth, and from that small dale around the hill.

Can you see things? I don’t know things.
But I don’t want you to leave,
I don’t know where to go—
I’m not sure how to navigate.
But can you see things? I don’t know things.
I fill this empty pool. I sit on the window sill. Waiting for you to arrive, at the edge of our Earth, our Heaven, our door.
But can you see things? I don’t know things.
My heart travels with the wind.
Bury me in dust.
Bury me in rain.
Let the sea take me, feel the
wet gale.
Teach me your ways. Make me understand.
acacia Apr 7
...just to say this:
I want her to see me; I’d almost love to show her my body,
show her my full dales and verdant valleys;
I’d allow her to dream her biggest dream of me.

She says she can make love in the realm above her head,
she can feel me. She says that we can make love in the realm above our heads,
we can feel we.

...just saying this:
don’t let the sunbeams find you;
stay low, and let the moonlight cleanse
the worries that trail behind you.
You can **** my skin and I will grab
yours there — all in the realm of spirits and stars and energy.

I want to show off
every curve and wide part of
this body; this ebony vessel isn’t enough
to hold the plump **** and
blossoming ***** attached to my soul,
attached to my spirit.

I want to put a leash on you,
read the title all the way to the last line and connected with the last line, and read the last line connected with the title.
acacia Apr 6

felt the ripples of the waves and the blurred out lanes into my anatomy
and felt the seed and ate each sunflower’s petal all the same while you stuck your seed up into my own pink fleshy guts that pulsate with your bulging fingerless hand.

and i stood up with all of your claws on mine
and my paws rested on your hide, on your silver chest —
i give it to you, i give it to you, i give it to you.
i’ll let the spirits collide and hear what’s going on
inside my lungs, let them all hear the
thump and pound of our walls.


saw him behind the buzzing bees and the blurry swirls of crystal and motion
the same neon purple flooded my eyes
as i let you flood my insides the same flooded night on the dingy brown couch
in your brother’s basement

you know, i’m crazed.
i’m in a field of dandelions,
wild flowers, lavenders, peonies,
the wildest of flowers,
i’m gratefully stuck in a swirling
whirl of trust and the smallest of
daring flying flies.
I regret nothing! I will not be silenced! Maybe you’re not doing things right!
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