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 Feb 2016 Jessi S
Sarah Sadik
sometimes I want to fall in love

not for the butterflies

or the drowning kisses

but so I can close my eyes

and open them

and find the perfect words

to create the perfect poem.
 Feb 2016 Jessi S
Robin Fulford
He tries to capture her beauty within the lines. Stroke by stroke her beauty unravels.
He paints what he sees, who he sees. In every line there are the true colors of her.
Piece by piece their love is brought alive by the paint on this blank canvas. This blank canvas, hollow without emotion until the brush smooths over the surface.
No one but he can see her as a whole, she is true beauty itself. Without this model, without this image of her there is no love his vision.
He is visionary she is imagery.
Can you see as he strokes her hair into flowing locks or how deeply he admires her shape?
With love there is no wrong way, there is no wrong way to express how you feel and with this painting he wants her to see her own beauty, her own self worth.
For before this she hid away from the world because no one saw her for her.
They saw only the surface. With all the colors of her soul, you can start to see who she is.
Not what brands she wears, not how her hair is done or the latest version of her phone.
For he paints her with nothing, nothing but her glowing smile and bright eyes. Now where is this glorious painting?
Well it’s in the house where the man is living his days out until his muse returns.
 Oct 2014 Jessi S
Xan Abyss
 Oct 2014 Jessi S
Xan Abyss
Body Invaded
Teeth scraping against vile pavement
Flashes I still try to erase
Haunt my day to day
Stop holding me down
it's not funny now
this isn't how
it can't be how
For ****'s sake
This can't be the way
this actually goes down.

The Pain is bad
but the shame
that's what really eats me away
Humiliation & blame
Like tar polluting my veins
don't tell anyone
whatever you do
don't tell anyone
It's not worth it
Nobody cares
and nobody wants to know.
Do your best to let it go,
Get over it.
Don't ruin the show.
the star needs to shine
don't stand in the way
don't tell anyone
it won't even matter someday.
Sometimes I still remember.
 Jul 2014 Jessi S
Joseph Hart

It’s rare somebody could love you,
you who no longer see,
I wear you now as a tree.

The bark splits to two,
trunks break in three,
It’s rare one could have loved you,

The sky is a midnight blue,
the loam is a sandy sea,
your garments shed from a tree.

The rain began and beat in-slew
your roots clench the loosening loam.
It’s rare some one could have found you,

The summer grows autumn and the dew
teardrops on your leaves.
Your garments shed from a tree.

Winter I miss you, so few
leaves to wish, so much to grieve.
It’s rare how I loved you,
I wear you as a tree.
 Jan 2014 Jessi S
EP Mason
Robert Frost was right
nothing gold can stay
I wish I still had the sunshine
I stared at yesterday
I wish you were perplexing
I wish it were untrue
but now I cannot deny
that I curse the day I fell in love with you
© Erin Mason 2014
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