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Jessi S Mar 2016
What is the purpose?

love is a premature clam

with nothing inside to see.

An empty cave in the water

ridden with stiff eels

tourists ****** themselves through the large-mouth

entrance gaping, but no fish.

A pond,

the torn lotuses

separate from the slimy stem; coated with algae.

Holding my breath

but my head is above the current.


yet my body is under dirt and limestone.

Love is a beach

without the sand.

I hear whispers from a shell

and screaming from a seagull

echoing within my carapace;

vibrations floating,

yet I am dead-weight

and love is the ship.

We are the anchor

yet there is no ocean-floor.
Jessi S Feb 2016
Repetition of disappointment.
Am I doing something wrong?
I’m perfect in one moment,
But I’m not so perfect for very long.

Maybe you felt like you needed to be lifted
So you grabbed a pretty face
And my emotions shifted
To a more comfortable place.

And when you decided you didn’t need me anymore,
Or maybe you became distracted,
You let our beautiful plans hit the floor
And now my trust is further impacted.

I finally let another one in
But I should have been happy alone
Because they bruise me from under my skin
And now its dark where the sun once shone.

You stole what I thought would be home
But I guess It was never mine, you must have plenty spaces.
I hope you enjoy your stay, wherever you roam,
And take pleasure in the twisting faces.

Lifeless bodies left behind on your trail,
The attention must feel great.
Unfortunately, everything becomes stale
But by then I will be numb, melancholy marinates.
Jessi S Jun 2014
The intelligent become deppressed,
while ignorance is blessed.
How will this world continue,
when power is purely within you?
Jessi S Jan 2014
Im an emotional wreck.
I cry for small words
and you just kiss my neck.
I dont like leaving home anymore.
Whenever I leave my bed,
Im welcomed with a closed door
And dread.
You think Im depressing
because I stay at home
and all I want is a simple caressing.
I dont want to say that Im sad,
that would be selfish.
I will admit what I always had,
Which is that I am that door.
I choose to open, I choose to close.
I just dont know whats worth opening for.
Jessi S Jan 2014
My eyes aren't drifting half-way shut because I'm constantly high.
My eyes are just tired of life passing me by.
Jessi S Jan 2014
You're quiet
So you must be stupid.
You're alone
So I pity you.
You speak softly
So you must be afraid.
You're different
So you must have not been raised properly.

... *******

Im quiet because I  like to listen.
Im quiet because people like you have silenced me in to submission.
Im alone because I love myself, of it all.
Im alone because I avoid people like you,
who cant cant love in general.
I speak softly because speaking loud is intimidating.
I speak softly because I never spoke when I was young, and my insecurity is fading.
Im different because I dont want to be like you.
Im different because Im okay with me
and if you actually knew me, you would be okay with me too.
Jessi S Jan 2014
There's only so much I can do with two hands
when I feel like I'm restricted to only one
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